All Things New

Family Life Radio —  March 28, 2013 — Leave a comment
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Am I Good Enough?

It’s the question that we all ask at some point in life. Especially when we face a challenge, we’re working on a relationship or when we want to impress someone—even God. We dare to peer into the mirror of our soul and ask, “Am I good enough?”

We all want to be good enough, including Garrett from the band All Things New. “I want to feel good enough. But, I’ve come to realize today that because of Jesus Christ we are good enough. Because of Jesus we are perfect and we’ve been made new. We are beautiful in His image and beautiful in His eyes. Its amazing…the redemption that Christ has given us through His mercy and His love,” shared Garrett.

All Things New

On the surface, singer Garrett Hornbuckle, drummer Luke Wycuff, bassist Joshua Schou, and guitarist Jeff Stein are young, easygoing guys who met playing junior high baseball together, and who share a love of music that runs in several of their families.

But dig a little deeper and you’ll find godly men who have learned first hand about broken homes, broken faith and broken hearts. The songs they write and sing on their debut album convey the profound clarity of this significant life lesson: things break apart in this world, but God restores them.

The Band’s First Single

All Things New released its first single “New Man” about how God creates beauty from ashes. “’New Man’ has stemmed from my personal story,” explained Garret. “God has given each and every one of us a story and because of our stories we can glorify Him through that. ‘New Man’ talks about my longing for a father figure. The insecurities and the problems I have with self-worth through both of my fathers leaving; and growing up in a very dysfunctional and a very broken, violent and really chaotic home; and longing for the acceptance of that.”

“And today that I have a great relationship with my step dad and a rebuilding of relationship with my biological father. It’s the redemption Christ can bring and the restoration He can bring to relationships through His grace.”

“When everything falls apart in your life and all that’s left is ashes, how awesome God is that He can turn that chaos into something so beautiful. That’s what ‘New Man’ means to me,” added Luke who contributed to the lyrics after reading Isaiah 61:3. “It’s such a God-breathed song.”

One Thing for You

Garret and the band have One Thing they want listeners to know. “We want listeners to get the redemption of Christ, the redemption through His love and His mercy and that God’s grace can make us new and can cleanse us. He just washes over us and because of Him we are perfect and we are whole and we have been made new, into a new creation.”

The Beginning

The band was formed five years ago stemming from connections made in Fellowship of Christian Athletes. From there the band took off, meeting a need for Luke’s brother who is a youth pastor looking for someone to lead worship. “We were all really plugged in to our churches and connected in that sense,” said Garrett.

Garrett, Luke, Josh and Jeff said that they love NEEDTOBREATHE, a kind of southern rootsy vibe. Sanctus Real, Tenth Avenue North, Mumford & Sons, Hillsong and Chris Tomlin top their list of most inspiring musical influences.

Most Embarrassing Moments

Hear more about their most embarrassing moments on stage and the unconventional instruments the band uses in Bill Ronning’s complete interview with All Things New.