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Word for Your Life
Preach the word; Be prepared in season & out of season; correct, rebuke & encourage – with great patience & careful instruction… ~ 2 Timothy 4:2

A Year with Aslan from The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe

After Aslan has returned to life, he & Susan & Lucy have to make a beeline for the battle.  Can you imagine what that ride was like?

Have you ever had a gallop on a horse? Think of that, then take away the heavy noise of the hoofs & the jingle of the bits & imagine instead the almost noiseless padding of the great paws…& then imagine you’re going twice as fast as the fastest racehorse, but this is a mount that doesn’t need to be guided & never grows tired.  He rushes on & on, never missing his footing, never hesitating, threading his way with perfect skill…& you’re riding not on a rod nor in a park..but right across Narnia, across the shoulders of heathery mountains… into wild valleys & acres of blue flowers.

We may not be able to imagine the world Jesus will reign over – but maybe it helps to think of every moment as hanging on for dear life, & enjoying the ride.

Daily Walk Devotion ~ Intentional Living Center

Psalm 36:5 tells us “Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens.  Your faithfulness to the skies.”  & it can reach into your relationships, too.

You remember Laurel & Hardy, right?  “This is another nice mess you’ve gotten me into.”  That could have described Stan Laurel’s married life.  First he married Lois, then Virginia, then Vera.  Because of questions about whether his first 2 divorces were legal, he married Vera 3 times.  Then Virginia again, & then Ida.  7 marriages.

Not to pass judgment, but there is One who says in Revelation 21 that He is “making all things new.”  Until then, the One Thing we can do is to face our relationship barriers head on, whether it’s a marriage, another family member, a co-worker, or anyone else.  Don’t let our resentment fester & instead forgive freely.


AW Tozer ~ Rut, Rot, or Revival

I knew a man from India who got hold of a New Testament, was converted & started to preach, but he had no background at all – he started from scratch. He didn’t know anything about churches, & said “When I had a problem in the church, I went straight to the New Testament & settled it.”  & Tozer says This is what I would like to see in our church—the New Testament order of letting Scripture decide matters.

Brennan Manning ~ The Ragamuffin Gospel

The tendency in legalistic religion is to mistrust God, to mistrust others, & consequently, to mistrust ourselves.  We need a new kind of relationship with the Father that drives out fear & mistrust, anxiety & guilt, that permits us to be hopeful & joyous, trusting & compassionate.  Turn away from the sins of skepticism & despair, mistrust & cynicism, complaining & worry.

David Roper ~ A Heart of Wisdom

Let God determine the time & the terms of the burden you bear & rely on His mercy.  The yoke you bear may cause great grief, but resistance only leads to greater discomfort.  Endure the hardship & learn the lessons – THIS, not escape, is what leads to an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.

Oswald Chambers ~ My Utmost for His Highest

The answer to Nicodemus’ question, “How can a man be born when he is old?” is: Only when he is willing to die to everything in his life, including his rights, his virtues, & his religion .. & becomes willing to receive into himself a new life that he has never before experienced.  John 3:7 says .. You must be born again. To be born again means that I see Jesus.

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave

When I went there, she was a pious, warm, & tender-hearted woman.  There was no sorrow or suffering for which she had not a tear.  Slavery soon proved its ability to divest her of these heavenly qualities.  The tender heart became stone, & the lamb-like disposition gave way to one of tiger-like fierceness.

John Eldredge ~ Waking the Dead

The way of looking at life given to us by The Enlightenment & the Age of Reason, he says, is like the sleeping kingdom of Sleeping Beauty.  We’ve never stopped to think about how the whole world lies under the power of the evil one.  They don’t see.  They’re in a fog.  Their hearts are shrouded.  Only God can take it away.


Isaiah 43:1

Micah 7:18

2 Samuel 22

Psalm 42:7

Matthew 23:25-26

John 10:18

2 Timothy 1:16

Peter & Shannyn – Thursday, October 23

Today we talked about Time Magazine’s list of Most Infuential Teens, and shared one of our own:  Mary Juengel, our first ever Hope Hero.

Mary is a cancer survivor.  You can find out more at the Team Mary Facebook page, & find out more about her song Through My Scars.

Word for Your Life
Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care, watching over them – not because you must, but because you are willing... ~ 1 Peter 5:2

A Year with Aslan from The Last Battle

Have you ever been frightened even after a victory?

As Eustace & the others are approaching a castle, the chief soldier asks for the password. Tirian draws his sword & says “This is my password” .. & then it’s on.

Before you know it the steel is flying, & Eustace doesn’t have time to think or remember any of what had been taught him – he just slashed wildly & found, to his great surprise, that he had won. & though it was a great relief, it was also rather frightening.

The lesson for us is that we do our best to prepare for life everyday – one day at a time – & trust that God is in our tomorrows before we are.

Daily Walk Devotion ~ Intentional Living Center

Just like when you fill up your gas tank, you can choose regular or premium – you have a choice what you fill up your spiritual tank with.


Proverbs 4:7 says ..


Wisdom is supreme – Though it cost all you have, get understanding.

The price of acquiring that may mean you don’t get to always do what YOU want to do – it’ll cost you your time, your priorities, even your relationships, but it’s value in keeping your spiritual engine running is worth every penny.


AW Tozer ~ Set of the Sail

Among the enemies to devotion, none is so harmful as distractions. Whatever excites the curiosity, scatters the thoughts, disquiets the heart, or shifts our focus from the kingdom of God within us to the world around us is a distraction.  The remedy .. is the same now as it was in simpler times – prayer, meditation & the cultivation of the inner life. Distractions must be conquered or they will conquer us. So let us cultivate simplicity .. & want fewer things.

Francis Chan ~ Multiply

We gravitate toward solutions that are quick & easy. When it comes to helping people, we often address the surface level of the problem but never get down to the heart of the matter. It’s not that Christians are uncaring. Very often, we really do want to help the people around us however we can, but we get so focused on finding a quick solution to the external behavior that we overlook the real problem.

David Roper ~ A Heart of Wisdom

A fresh start would amount to nothing without the experience necessary to make the right adjustments.  Lacking the knowledge we’ve gained, we’d make the same mistakes over again.  But grace means our sins are gone forever – replaced by love.  Grace means God has given us the resources to make a new beginning.  So the question is not “Can I make it?  Am I able?”  The question is “Can He transform me?”

Oswald Chambers ~ My Utmost for His Highest

We must learn to give God elbow room.  We plan & predict that this or that will happen, but we forget to make room for God to come in as He chooses.  Don’t look for God to come in a particular way – but do look for Him.

Phillip Yancey ~ What’s So Amazing About Grace?

The ladder of power reaches up, the ladder of grace reaches down.

Matt Redman ~ Facedown

We live as worshipers of the otherly in a culture of the ordinary .. it’s only as we breathe in more of the wonders of God that we can breathe out a fuller response to him.

Donald Miller ~ Blue Like Jazz


What I believe is not what I say I believe .. What I believe is what I do.  Deep belief costs something.  If I really believed something, I’d have to do something about it.


Habakkuk 1:5

Revelation 6:16

Psalm 28:8

Luke 21:28

Acts 3:1-10

Acts 6:8

Psalm 8:2

Word for Your Life
The one who is victorious will, like them, be dressed in white.  I will never blot out the name of that person from the book of life... ~ Revelation 3:5

A Year with Aslan from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

After Eustace has been turned into a dragon, he’s telling the others about being visited by a lion.  He says…

There was no moon last night, but there was moonlight where the lion was.  I was terribly afraid of it.  You may think, being a dragon, I could have knocked any lion out easily enough, but it wasn’t that kind of fear.  It came close & looked straight into my eyes & told me to follow.  & I knew I’d have to do what it told me.

No moon, but moonlight – a reminder of a day when there will be no sun, & no need for it, because the Lord himself will provide the Light.

Daily Walk Devotion ~ Intentional Living Center

We believe our God can bring victory from whatever it is that has us bound, but we have a part to play.

The story of Mickey Mantle is one of triumph & sadness.  Because he’d had several family members who died young, Mickey Mantle believed he was genetically pre-disposed to do that too – so he lived a riotous life.

It was a sad mistake, because cures were developed for all of those things that had plagued his family – but because of his lifestyle, it came too late for him.

So today’s One Thing for us is to learn more readily from the mistakes of others – & don’t make the same deadly miscalculations.


William Booth ~ Founder of Salvation Army

The greatness of man’s power is the measure of his surrender.

Bishop N.T. Wright

Biblical faith is a singing faith – from Miriam’s wild song of triumph on the shores of the Red Sea to the thunderous song of all creation at the triumph of the Lamb.  You could summarize the whole of Christian discipleship in terms of the summons to join in that song.

Joni Eareckson Tada ~ The God I Love

I wished God were like He used to be, a few notches lower. I wanted Him to be lofty enough to help me but not so uncontrollable. I longed for His warm presence, times when He seemed more… safe.

David Roper ~ A Heart of Wisdom

Ingratitude in others can embitter us.  We must forgive those who fail to thank us, even those who’ve turned away.  We can’t do much about those who disregard us, but we can do a good deal about ourselves.  & the habit of thankfulness must come from inside, because apart from His grace we’d all be ungrateful wretches.

Billy Graham

I believe that out there in space where there are a thousand million galaxies, God can find a place to put us – so we don’t have to go around discouraged & despondent with our shoulders bent.  I’m not worried about where it is, but I know it’s going to be where Jesus is.

Thomas Edison’s last words

It is very beautiful over there.

Matt Redman ~ Facedown

The whole design of the Tent of Meeting was to give some very strong signals to the people as to whom they were worshipping.  God doesn’t delight in fast-food spirituality.  Worship is a spiritual occasion, marked by mystery & wonder .. & you can’t rush into wonder.

Donald Miller ~ Blue Like Jazz

I was guilty of using love like money, withholding it to get people to change & be who I wanted them to be .. but God doesn’t withhold love to teach me a lesson.


Psalm 28:2

Isaiah 60:1-3

1 Chronicles 17:16

Hebrews 10:22

Genesis 17:8

Isaiah 64:8

Word for Your Life
Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge & understanding. ~ Jeremiah 3:15

A Year with Aslan from The Last Battle

As everyone is approaching some incredible fruit trees, it all looks so amazing they’re afraid to take it. They finally get the okay from Peter, & it goes on to say that ..

Compared with those fruits, the freshest grapefruit you’ve ever eaten is dull, the juiciest orange was dry, the most melting pear was hard, & the sweetest strawberry was sour.  If you had once eaten that fruit, all the nicest things in this world would taste like medicines after it .. but you can’t find out what it’s like unless you can get to that country & taste it for yourself.

We can try to describe what God has done – & how our lives have been changed – but the growth of the seed is not our territory, & ultimately the kingdom of God has to take root in each heart.

Daily Walk Devotion ~ Intentional Living Center

Psalm 49:3 says…

My mouth will speak words of wisdom; the utterance from my heart will give understanding.

There are a lot of people saying a lot of things these days .. & some of them may have the appearance of wisdom, but Jesus said …

Wisdom is proved right by her actions.

So today’s One Thing for us is that we can’t stop at the ability to discern.  We have to act on it.


A.W. Tozer ~ The Counselor

I think we’re the busiest bunch of eager beavers ever seen in the religious world.  The idea seems to be that if we’re not running around in a circle we’re not pleasing God.  We flit around in the sunshine like butterflies & imagine we’re eagles.  Sometimes I think we’d be better off to call a moratorium on activity & just wait on God to see what He’s waiting to do for us.  That’s what they did before Pentecost.

Phillip Yancey ~ What’s So Amazing About Grace?

The kingdom of God thrives where its subjects follow the desires of the King.

Leo Tolstoy

A man who professes an external law is like someone standing in the light of a lantern fixed to a post.  It is light all around him, but there is nowhere further for him to walk.  A man who professes the teaching of Christ is like a man carrying a lantern before him on a pole.  The light is in front of him, always lighting up fresh ground & always encouraging him to walk further.

Lin Yutang ~ Chinese writer

I like best of all autumn, because its leaves are a little yellow, its tone mellower, its colors richer, & it’s tinged with a little sorrow.  It’s golden richness speaks not of the innocence of spring, nor the power of summer, but of the kindly wisdom of approaching age.  It knows the limitations of life – & is content.

David Roper ~ A Heart of Wisdom

I ask myself “Why do we have to die? God has put eternity in our hearts!” & the answer comes as a complete surprise.  Death is not our lot – it’s our sentence.  We are mortal because we are sinful.  So what will take away our fear?  It is the promise of a morning that rends the skies.

Oswald Chambers ~ My Utmost for His Highest

Perseverance means more than endurance— more than simply holding on until the end. A saint’s life is in the hands of God like a bow and arrow in the hands of an archer. God is aiming at something the saint cannot see, but our Lord continues to stretch and strain, and every once in a while the saint says, “I can’t take any more.” Yet God pays no attention; He goes on stretching until His purpose is in sight, and then He lets the arrow fly.

Matt Redman ~ Facedown

Worship thrives on wonder.  For worship to be worship, it must contain something of (what he calls) the Otherness of God. Time after time we find ourselves amazed by the blessings he lavishes on us, but let’s not be fooled into thinking that this story is all about us.  It never has been, & it never will be.


Matthew 5:11-12

Revelation 22:1-2

Romans 8:24

Mark 9:14-29

1 Corinthians 4:18-20

Psalm 33:16-18

Psalm 107:10-16