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“The words people say to us not only have shelf life, they have the ability to shape life.” ~ Bob Goff

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Transform Your Habits

Dennis Hutchinson —  November 17, 2015

One of the first things we’re told to do when we want to achieve something is to set our goal.  Getting into shape, building a business, raising a family – you’ve got know what the goal is – or do you?  In Transform Your Habits, author James Clear says reaching our goals when we want to depends too much on our motivation.


The key, if you’re trying to make a habit a routine, is to make sure that you can do that new habit with very little motivation.  Because motivation is fickle, it rises and falls.  Habits, by definition, you want to be consistent.  You want to do them regardless of how you feel.  So if you’re trying to build a new behavior it’s best not to rely on something that’s very fickle.

& Clear says goals are often at odds with long term progress, & instead we should focus on systems.  For example if you’re a runner your goal may be a marathon, but your system is your training schedule.  Again his book is Transform Your Habits.

From This Day Forward

Dennis Hutchinson —  November 17, 2015

It seems like there are so many more options for our kids to be involved with these days, it can make it seem like they are the center of your marriage – & that spells trouble.


The reality is it may seem selfish to put your marriage ahead of the kids, but it’s really for the kids that you keep a great marriage.  So the priorities would be we want God to be number one, sincerely not just in words but in actions, and then we want our marriage to be number two.  If those two things are in order, then everything else I believe is going to work so much better than when we make anything else number one besides God, and anything else ranking higher than our marriage that’s when we get into trouble.

Pastor Craig Groeschel & his wife offer more help for re-balancing your marriage in their new book From This Day Forward.  We also have some great resources through our Intentional Living Center.  Get the links here.

Fulfilling Marriage

Dennis Hutchinson —  November 17, 2015

The ability to focus on the good can help any relationship, but the impact is probably felt even more in marriage.


If you go back to the garden, in Adam & Eve God put in every woman the propensity to be a great wife, and God put in every man the propensity to be a great husband.  So every man has what every woman needs, and every woman has exactly what every man needs – but just across the board; personality, fun, joy, child-rearing, & parenting, all of it’s in there.  And you’ve got to focus on things that you do have in common.

David Willard & his wife Gretchen work together in marriage ministry.  They often point couples to Ephesians 4 & 5 and 1st Corinthians 7.  We also have some resources that we believe can help through our Intentional Living center.  You can find the links here.


Hope for the Caregiver

Dennis Hutchinson —  November 17, 2015

New statistics seem to indicate people are waiting longer to get married & start a family, as evidenced by the growth of the so-called “Sandwich Generation” – those folks who still have kids at home but are caring for aging parents.  There are currently about 65 million caregivers in America, & author Peter Rosenberger says most of them are trying to fix the situation.


My faith has helped me understand certain aspects of this journey.   I’m not responsible to fix this.  We try to recklessly hurl ourselves at this thing, if somehow we can just fix it or get through it and then we can get on with our lives.  One of the things that dawns on us after a while is that this IS our life .. and it’s the life that God, for whatever reason, has laid before us.  We stop trying to own it and we realize that we’re just stewards.  We can just do the best we can, but if we keep trying to fix it we’re gonna just run ourselves into insanity.

November is National Caregiver Month, Rosenberger’s new book is trying to help you realize you’re not alone.  It’s called Hope for the Caregiver.