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“While earthly bread is in the cupboard it can be stolen…but if you eat it, what have you to fear? Keep the word of God in this way …” ~ St. Bernard

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“Well see great things when we’re willing to be seen.”

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“When we forgive we set a prisoner free & discover the prisoner was us.”

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Sometimes your most powerful sermon .. is silence.

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Dennis Hutchinson —  January 22, 2016

The drive to try to combat ADHD in kids has become a multi-million dollar business in America, but Dr. Don Colbert says just 1 thing may be the key: Changing their diet.


We are seeing such an epidemic of ADHD in this country, and it’s primarily following the processed food that our children are on.  They’re eating fast foods, highly processed foods, and there’s a key ingredient and that’s MSG.  What MSG does, it not only excites the neurons in the brain and scrambles the brain, but it also causes leptin resistance, which is a key hunger hormone, and causes us to crave more of the wrong food and eat more often.

There’s no doubt that all that processed food is convenient, but Dr. Colbert suggests just a little pre-planning, & more fruits, veggies, & whole grains, can make all the difference.  More in his book Let Food Be Your Medicine.