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“Evil will not withstand an assault by grace.” ~ Philip Yancey

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Summer Book Club with She Reads Truth!

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Penduka author Joy McMillan!

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“Forgiving does not erase a bitter past. Instead, it creates a new way to remember.” ~ Lewis Smedes

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Spark The Way

Dennis Hutchinson —  May 11, 2016

Romans 8:28 tells us “In all things God works for the good of those who love Him”.  & for Madison Miller that means perspective in the midst of trial.


When I was 20 my grandfather was diagnosed with lymphoma.  He was the one I wanted to walk me down the aisle one day.  In the middle of his fight I ended up getting diagnosed with lymphoma myself.  Then about a week after my diagnosis he ended up passing away.  It was surreal, but it was peaceful because that’s what God does.  So as crazy as it was I knew from the get-go I had the victory with Him, because whether I lived and stayed here or died and went up there with Him, He was going to use my cancer to do something cool in this world.

Madison used her cancer diagnosis to launch, an effort to bring Jesus into the cancer world of young adults so they can know his peace & hope instead of fear.