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He who seeks will find!

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He who seeks will find!

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Food for Friends

Dennis Hutchinson —  April 14, 2015

Remember when a quarter used to buy you a candy bar?  Even though you can’t buy much for yourself with a quarter these days – it’s all you need to help some others.  Steven Guiliano used to work for the local food bank in Woodstock, Ontario – but a few years ago he thought to himself “there has to be a better way.”  That’s when he started Food for Friends.


It promotes human dignity.  It touches my heart when I see people going through the grocery stores with these cards, & a calculator & a grocery list.  They’re taking responsibility for their own decisions in terms of their own food.

Food for Friends partners with a local grocery store, who takes donations of a quarter that they tack on to your grocery bill.  All that money is then totaled up & given to needy families in the form of a food card.  They then get to come in & shop, & learn to budget as well. Steven is hoping to use it as a model to fight poverty across Canada – & maybe now, even beyond.

Blessed is he who’s hope is in the Lord!

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More Than Happy

Dennis Hutchinson —  April 10, 2015

Most of us would agree that we’d like our kids to be better off than we are, maybe even happier.  But author Serena Miller says we can learn a lot from the Amish that there’s more to raising kids than making sure they’re happy.


I’ve not been able to discern that mild level of discontent that I see in some of us.  And their children .. they don’t whine for the latest toy because in most cases they don’t even know that toy exists, or that video game, or whatever.  Instead they play.  They play outside.  They do outdoor chores.  They do indoor chores.  They are very competent children because their parents take the time to teach them life skills.

Miller says even without all the gadgets we have, the Amish spend more time actually investing in their children.  More in her book More Than Happy.