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Dennis Hutchinson —  March 16, 2015

Sometimes people can misread confidence as arrogance, especially in the workplace, but author Helene Lerner says a lot of women often undervalue their own skills.


What was associated with confidence was a wealth of experience and also using your skills and making an impact, but if you don’t take action you’re never going to get that wealth of experience or the ability to use your skills.  Real confidence is moving forward when you think you can make a difference, even if your knees are shaking.

In The Confidence Myth, Helene encourages women to get outside of themselves & serve others – & that connection will help build your confidence.

Multiple Jobs

Dennis Hutchinson —  March 16, 2015

Ever since the recession in 2008, there have been more Americans working more than 1 job. That may very well be the new normal. Crown Financial President Robert Dickie says the days of one long career are over too.


That’s part of our grandparents economy, where you could retire after 30 years at a particular company.  Today most millennials are going to have anywhere from 8-12 careers in their lifetime, so they have to plan & live their life intentionally to be able to rotate from job to job throughout their career.

Dickie says that’s due, in part, to the growth of specialization, especially in the technology field.

The benefits of exercise on your body are pretty obvious, but we’re now learning more about how much it helps your mind too!


There’s some incredible brain research out there now too, that shows when you exercise a protein is released in your brain that creates new neural pathways – & so it’s an optimal time to create & to learn & to focus.  So we’re harnessing that power to create the life of your dreams.

That’s one of the big reasons Sonia Satra created Moticise, or Motivational Exercise.  For example every time she does a squat, she focuses on something she’s thankful for.  & she says it’s really important to just take it 1 step at a time.  More at

The Ides of March

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Storm Chaser

Dennis Hutchinson —  March 9, 2015

Typically when you think of a storm chaser, you probably think of someone like Bill Paxton & Helen Hunt chasing tornadoes in the movie Twister. Terry Law says God called him to be a different kind of “Storm Chaser” in Afghanistan.


Found out in the Killi Faizo Camp that 12 children were dying every night because it was going down to 13-below Centigrade and the children had no clothes.  I went to the nearest bizarre in Pakistan, bought 5,000 jackets, brought them back to the camp.  The head of the camp said “Why would you do this?”  I had a New Testament with me, and I opened up to Matthew 25 – “Jesus said I was hungry and you fed me, I was naked and you clothed me.”  I said “We’re doing this because Jesus loves the children of Afghanistan.”

Terry did that work through a group called World Compassion. He calls Noah one of the original storm chasers, & writes about it in his new book called “Storm Chaser.”