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Most parents want the best for their kids, but sometimes our culture can sweep us up into its priorities.  Author Marybeth Hicks says there’s one thing we need to make sure takes precedence.


We think that we’re doing the best by our kids if we can get them into better schools or we can give them opportunities for enrichment.  We get a little bit consumed with trappings of what looks to be a really great life for our kids, instead we don’t spend enough time on their moral development. Their character.  It’s amazing to me that when you ask somebody “Tell me about your kids”, they really tell you about their accomplishments and not about their character.  I want to know that we as parents are so focused that we know what they need in their character.

Hicks says just like there were for us, there will be awkward times for our kids, but there are ways to help them.  More in her book Teachable Moments.

He .. Is .. Risen!!

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Dennis Hutchinson —  March 21, 2016

You may have heard the idea that Christianity is always just 1 generation away from dying out, stressing the importance of passing our faith along.  That’s been at the heart of a movement in Michigan that seeks to teach students to be ambassadors for Christ.  It’s called the Student Statesmanship Institute, & founder James Muffett says they use politics as a springboard for conversations.


I define politics this way: It’s a public conversation about important issues leading to final decisions that affect every one of us, and how we live our lives. In other words it doesn’t matter what career you’re in; it doesn’t matter where you live; everyone has to live under the laws that someone is making.  They affect every one of us, and the idea that we should, as Christians, be silent or be out of that conversation, is really I think to curtail or to minimize what I think the Gospel’s full affect should be.

This summer’s Student Statesmanship Institute is coming up in June.  Still time to register, or maybe get some more information to bring something like this to your neck of the woods.  All you need to know at


Dennis Hutchinson —  March 21, 2016

I don’t know how you’re planning to vote this election season, or how you’re making that decision, but a new survey from the Barna Group shows faith is playing a bigger role than you may have thought.  David Kinnaman with Barna says one of the reasons is who’s influencing us.


We’re more and more likely to have many, many things telling us what to do and how to think.  Advertising; Political advertising; The power of the media; The importance of social networks like Facebook and Twitter influencing our perspectives.  The age old classic influence of our word-of-mouth; Relationships, the influence of our peers. It’s overwhelming.  It’s a distractive culture, we don’t think about things for long periods of time, and I think for the Christian community part of the challenge for us is to think about what does it mean to be faithful in that changing, fragmented context.

Unfortunately, whether faith is a big part of your vote or not, we’re not all that happy with the choices.  Not one candidate in this survey ended up with a positive net score.  If you want more on that study, check out

“The heart seldom gets hot while the mouth is open.” ~ AW Tozer

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