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The Worralls discuss their Book “20 Things We’d Tell Our Twenty-Something Selves”

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When we use the phrase “as a Christian” we tend to paint ourselves and others into a corner that Christ never intended to push us into.

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Tim Timmons

Family Life Radio —  July 1, 2017

When in ministry it is easy to view your identity as how people see you and what others expect of you, but this is not how God sees you. Tim Timmons is known as a musician but this is not how he sees himself.

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With those sweet blue eyes looking up at him, it is a miracle that Mark Schultz the dad ever gets his way on anything!

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Life Transitions

Family Life Radio —  June 9, 2017

Life can bring lots of transitions,  new job, marriage, even dealing with an empty nest.

New Job


Empty Nest