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With those sweet blue eyes looking up at him, it is a miracle that Mark Schultz the dad ever gets his way on anything!

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Life Transitions

Family Life Radio —  June 9, 2017

Life can bring lots of transitions,  new job, marriage, even dealing with an empty nest.

New Job


Empty Nest

Greg Laurie took some time to talk with Bill Ronning and discuses what is going on in his life, his ministry involvement and his plans for the year and beyond. He touches on his son and how his death impacted his life and the hope he can offer for others dealing with this type of loss.

He calls for a spiritual awakening in our country. Greg tells us that Americans need to come together and battle the many divisive issues that plagues our country today. Pastor Greg Laurie will be hosting Harvest America, a free event in Phoenix, Arizona. In describing this event he tells us about how great an event it is for bringing non-believers. He has a new book coming out next month titled Steve McQueen: The Salvation of an American Icon. Full Interview below:


Joel & Luke Smallbone of for King & Country stopped by! Hear how they are being intentional.

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“No one can prepare you for the chaos of a family breakdown.”

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