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Wednesday July 23

How did you meet your spouse? We peeled back the curtain to see what our colleagues had to say…

Family Life Radio member Danny says band camp, during their junior year of high school. “We met for the first time in 6th grade while singing All City Choir, but, technically, we knew each other from birth since we were born a day apart in the same hospital.”


Tuesday July 22

Twitter is where you basically answer the question: “What are you doing right now?” You post it online at the Twitter website. Just as Twitter limits “tweets” to 140 keystrokes or less, we limit Radio Twitter to 15 words or less. Here’s what some Family Life Radio members had to say…


Monday July 21

We’re sharing family vacation road trip memories.

Family Life Radio member Charlotte says I think I was 12 when we drove across country. Coming back, we broke down in the desert. It’s wasn’t Disney Land but I really found out how protective my mom is, when someone would stop and offer help.

Thursday July 17

It is Thankful Thursday! What are you thankful for today?

Family Life Radio member Frank says my kids!


Wednesday July 16

When you think of your spouse, what is the first thing that makes you smile? Our colleagues share their responses.

Family Life Radio member Debbie says his patience, especially when it comes to waiting for me!


Tuesday July 15

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Monday July 14


Johnny brought me breakfast in bed. That’s one of my recent “best husband” moments. What’s your’s?

Emily says I was looking for a job and got discouraged. My husband encouraged me every step of the way. I got the call from my dream job and we celebrated by going out to dinner.


Friday July 11

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Thursday July 10

Mark Schultz talks about his parenting style.


Wednesday July 9 

What is your definition of friendship?

Family Life Radio member Jessica says accepting one for who they are, loving them unconditionally and forgiving them when they’ve wronged.


Tuesday July 8

Radio Twitter is telling us what you’re doing in 15 words or less.


Monday July 7

Name 3 blessings. They don’t necessarily have to be your top 3. Here’s what are coworkers had to say…

Family Life Radio family member Laci listed hers in two categories. Her three obvious are… Jesus, my husband and family. Her not so obvious blessings are; sunglasses, grape-flavored Chapstick and the ability to rewind television.

Thursday July 3

How would you finish the sentence: It’s not the 4th of July without… Here’s what our colleagues have to say…

Family Life Radio member Patti Ann says thanking God for our country.


Wednesday July 2

What was your first job? Our colleagues share what theirs were.

Family Life Radio family member Krista says she worked at the Fort Benning Commissary at the age of 15.


Tuesday July 1

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Monday June 30

What smell reminds you of summer? Our colleagues share their answer…

Family Life Radio member Tammi says black tar roads.

Friday June 27

Debbie Williams won our Mother’s Day contest. We had the honor of hearing the reaction to this unique gift and wanted to share it with you.


Thursday June 26

Do you have a rule everyone must follow in your home? Our colleagues say yes they do and here’s what they are…

Family Life Radio member Judy says “no eating on the couch, but toilet paper fights are a must. We like to have fun.”


Wednesday June 25

Johnny’s sister found out quickly that the one thing she said she’d never do as a parent, she did. She called their mom for help. Hear what our colleagues did…

Family Life Radio Member Kimberly says entertaining them by putting a movie in the dvd player.


Tuesday June 24

You can get exercise and boost office morale at the same time!


Monday June 23

Mark Hall Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns‘ Mark Hall says his family has about two hours to explore the cities they tour.