Birthday Cards for Ethan!

Peter and Shannyn —  February 5, 2013 — Leave a comment
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Date: Feb 02 2013 6:51 PM

The following is an email that I just received:

All surrounding communtities have been touched by a little boy named Ethan. This little angel, whom his mom calls “Love Bug,” will be turning 6 years old next week. The community wants to help in anyway that they can, so I have put together something called “Cards for Ethan.” It’s something that everyone from all around can come together as a family & do something for this precious child….a child that has touched the hearts of each & everyone of us. We, as a community, have grown to love this child…so many of us have sleepless nights thinking about him, we include Ethan in our prayers every night & every day. He is the first on our minds when we wake in the mornings. Each & everyone of us wish that there was something we could do to help. But we are left praying. Just like Sheriff Olsen advised us to do, “pray.” Well, now…with “Cards for Ethan,” everyone can come together & send all the love they want…by simply getting a birthday card for Ethan. & with God’s will, Ethan will be home with his loving parents on his birthday….we would all love to see that! For anyone that wants to send their love in a small birthday card, simply sign the inside of the card with love & the city and state you are sending it from. These cards can be mailed to or delivered to: Napier Field town hall at 400 Headquarters St. Napier Field, AL. 36303. please send in c/o “Cards for Ethan” or Lt. McDaniel. If it’s during the weekend, simply drop in the drop box. I will make it my duty to get each & every one of these cards to Ethan’s parents. Let’s keep this little boy in our prayers. Let’s also pray for his parents, mr. Polland’s family, and our men & women of Law Enforcement who’s been dedicating their time & love to bring little Ethan home! Much love to you all….from my heart to yours. & much love to Rickey & Marty for helping, & everyone at Rickey Stokes News. God Bless! I think I speak for everyone when I say : “We love you so much Ethan!”

Lt. April McDaniel