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Family Life Radio (Family Life Communications [FLC]) provides a comprehensive and affordable benefits package to eligible employees.

Health PPO and HSA Plans
Eligible employees can choose coverage through either a PPO or HSA plan. Both plans allow employees the freedom to use providers in and outofnetwork. Referrals are not required to see specialists.

Eligible employees may choose between two dental plan options.

Basic Life Insurance
Eligible full-time employees are provided with $50,000 group term life and AD & D insurance. Family Life Communications pays the full cost of this benefit.

Supplemental Life Insurance
Eligible employees may purchase additional life insurance coverage for themselves and their dependents through payroll deductions.

Short-Term Disability Insurance
Eligible hourly employees are provided with short-term disability income benefits. Eligible salaried employees are provided with a similar benefit through salary continuation. FLC pays the full cost of this coverage.

Long Term Disability Insurance
Eligible employees are provided with long-term disability income benefits. FLC pays the full cost of this coverage as well.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
By selecting an FSA eligible employees have the opportunity to pay for out-of pocket medical, dental, vision and dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars.

Discretionary Contribution Plan and Trust
Upon Board approval, a discretionary amount may be allocated annually to eligible employees’ retirement accounts through FLC’s Discretionary Contribution Plan and Trust. Eligible employees may also make elective deferrals to the Discretionary Contribution Plan and Trust. A percentage of employee deferrals will be matched by FLC.

403 (b) Retirement Plan
Voluntary participation in this retirement plan is another great way for eligible employees to save for the future through payroll deductions.

Paid Time Off
–Holidays – FLC provides eligible employees with nine (9) paid holidays per year.
–Vacation & Sick Leave – FLC provides eligible employees with vacation and sick leave benefits.

Tuition Reimbursement
FLC places a high value on education and training, and encourages eligible employees to further their education through the provision of a tuition reimbursement program.

Employee Assistance Plan (EAP)
Eligible, full-time employees have access to an Employee Assistance plan with UHC Care 24.

Benevolence Fund
Employees may contribute to and request emergency financial assistance from FLC’s Benevolence Fund.

*This listing is for summary purposes only. In the event that a discrepancy exists between the Plan Document and this summary, the Plan Document will govern.