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Bedtime Devotions

Dennis Hutchinson —  February 19, 2017

As hectic as the days can get, bedtime can be just as hectic.  Can I get a witness?  But Dr. Johnny Hunt says it can also be a great bonding time for you & your child.


What a great opportunity to teach them what to use as a plumb line or a moral compass for their life.  His word, his promises to us.  These are promises that are reliable .. they’re great words of truthfulness, honesty, and verity.  So that they’re really making a lifetime investment in these very young, formative years. 

Dr. Hunt’s new Bedtime Devotions with Jesus is geared to not only facilitate discussion with your youngster, but also teach them to own their faith.

Spark The Way

Dennis Hutchinson —  May 11, 2016

Romans 8:28 tells us “In all things God works for the good of those who love Him”.  & for Madison Miller that means perspective in the midst of trial.


When I was 20 my grandfather was diagnosed with lymphoma.  He was the one I wanted to walk me down the aisle one day.  In the middle of his fight I ended up getting diagnosed with lymphoma myself.  Then about a week after my diagnosis he ended up passing away.  It was surreal, but it was peaceful because that’s what God does.  So as crazy as it was I knew from the get-go I had the victory with Him, because whether I lived and stayed here or died and went up there with Him, He was going to use my cancer to do something cool in this world.

Madison used her cancer diagnosis to launch, an effort to bring Jesus into the cancer world of young adults so they can know his peace & hope instead of fear.

The people you step on on the way up the ladder are the same people you meet on the way down.  The work-life balance can be a difficult one, & for Rob it was really affecting his health.


I think it was constantly seeing the faces of my little kids and thinking “I’m either not going to see them grow up or it’s not going to be a very good life together.” I think it was kind of a wake-up call from God, because part of the problem was working too many hours.  I wanted to be successful for my wife and for my kids, but at the same time I also wasn’t spending time with my wife and my kids.  When I finally realized a change was needed it not only changed my health, it changed my relationships too.

At one point, Rob says he was so overweight he couldn’t even watch t-v without lying down, but now he’s eating healthier and exercising, it’s meant not only a better work-life balance but more time with his family.

Faith To Foster

Dennis Hutchinson —  May 11, 2016

May is National Foster Care Month, & Jenn & TJ Menn may very well be the poster children for fostering.  The young couple took a phone call to care for 3 kids under 4 .. & they were just 21 themselves.


We knew that foster parenting was something that was needed by the community.  We also knew that God really cherishes and loves these children, and James tells us that ” religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this .. to look after widows and orphans in their distress.”.  So we had recently married, and I went on a deployment and came back, and we were looking for ways to serve the kingdom of God together.

The Menn’s have gone on to foster 18 kids, & now they’ve written a book on the process called Faith To Foster.