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Family Life Radio Expands Kansas Signal Reach

TUCSON, AZ (February 2, 2017) — More than 100,000 new listeners around Topeka, Kan., can now hear Family Life Radio (FLR) and music and messages of hope on 88.1. In January FLR moved its antenna from Lawrence to Topeka and improved its signal strength to include a previously unreached audience stretching to the northwest of Topeka and improving quality along the I-70 corridor between Topeka and Kansas City, Kan.

New listeners will hear a combination of contemporary Christian music and Bible-based teaching. Dr. Randy Carlson is both the ministry president and the host of the popular show Intentional Living, which provides guidance and encouragement in all key areas of life.

“We’re incredibly grateful to the listeners who support Family Life Radio and make it possible for us to reach an ever increasing audience with the message of hope,” says Evan Carlson, Executive Vice President. “In the last few years, we’ve added signals to the Family Life Radio network and expanded others with a goal to reach even more people with a message that transforms lives and equips listeners to live in light of that change.”

FLR is entirely listener-supported and looks forward to celebrating the launch of this expansion project with listeners in the Topeka area.

Behind the scenes at Family Life Radio in Tucson. We’re so grateful for your friendship in 2016!

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Family Life Radio celebrated 50 years of Reaching the Next Generation with an Open House at our office Tucson!

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Nearly 2,000 people in three cities across two states gathered in July for the Intentional Love Marriage Conferences.

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Family Life Radio and our family of listeners became servants on Saturday May 14th as we banded together in several cities to assist nonprofit ministries accomplish projects they were unable to do with their staff alone.

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