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Matthew West

Family Life Radio —  March 13, 2016

Matthew’s songs have impacted many with their compelling lyrics, beginning with his first number one hit, The Motions. As a gifted singer and songwriter, you might think he’s living the dream instilled in him from an early age, but that’s not the case.

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Tim Timmons

Family Life Radio —  February 14, 2016

When in ministry it is easy to view your identity as how people see you and what others expect of you, but this is not how God sees you. Tim Timmons is known as a musician but this is not how he sees himself.

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Mike Weaver

Family Life Radio —  January 4, 2016

Does my story have value? The world tries to determine our value but from where does it originate?

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For King and Country

Family Life Radio —  December 26, 2015

Like many Christian music artists, Joel and Luke Smallbone, of For King and Country, had meager beginnings. For a couple of years, they toured around the country in a 15-passenger van!

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Big Daddy Weave

Family Life Radio —  October 22, 2015

The My Story Tour gives daily opportunities to take notice of the many ways God reaches into each of the lives of the five Big Daddy Weave bandmates.

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