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For King and Country

Family Life Radio —  January 23, 2017

Like many Christian music artists, Joel and Luke Smallbone, of For King and Country, had meager beginnings. For a couple of years, they toured around the country in a 15-passenger van!

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Tim Timmons

Family Life Radio —  January 17, 2017

When in ministry it is easy to view your identity as how people see you and what others expect of you, but this is not how God sees you. Tim Timmons is known as a musician but this is not how he sees himself.

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When we use the phrase “as a Christian” we tend to paint ourselves and others into a corner that Christ never intended to push us into.

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Natalie Grant has inspired all of us to dare to be what God made us to be and her new song “Be One” spurs us on to help others

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Mike Weaver

Family Life Radio —  January 4, 2016

Does my story have value? The world tries to determine our value but from where does it originate?

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