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Family Men Ministering to His Family

Citizen Way brings encouragement to fellow believers

They’re four husbands, some of them dads, who have a passion to sing for God and help listeners feel encouraged. They put God’s Word to music so listeners can walk with Jesus each day and have a smile on their face.

They’re Citizen Way, two sets of brothers – Josh (keys) and Ben Calhoun (vocals/guitar) and David (drums) and Ben Blascoe (bass) – who grew up in the church and have been playing together as a band since 2004.

Big fans of Christian music for as long as they can member, the four men have opened for many of the artists they enjoyed as kids, such as Steven Curtis Chapman.

The name Citizen Way comes from a variety of places in the Bible. Jesus, of course, is the way, truth and life who opened the way for us to God. Believers are also identified in Scripture as followers of the way, and the Word also affirms that our citizenship is in Heaven. The band says all those truths contributed to their name choice.

The group’s debut single, “Should’ve Been Me,” was already written before they wrote it, the band said. While performing at a youth camp, they asked the kids what they’d learned there, and a 13 year old said, “It should’ve been me.”

The band thought that was a huge level of insight, and wrote and performed a song based on that response right on the spot. They said it took about a half hour to come together, and feel it was clearly God-inspired.

Part of the best advice they remember receiving from their parents was, “Don’t do anything to dishonor yourself, your family or your Lord.”

They ask that Family Life Radio listeners continue to pray for their safety as well as guidance from the Lord for their careers and families. They want God to continue to work through them and their music to accomplish something larger than themselves.

Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas

Awesome! Keep it up fellas! God bless!