Dara Maclean – Love is the Theme

Family Life Radio —  January 28, 2014 — Leave a comment
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Today’s only goal, love really, really ridiculously well. Especially when it’s not deserved. “they will know us by our love…” John 13:35

Singer/songwriter Dara Maclean put that on her Facebook recently and that love she is speaking of has been a theme in her life for many years. Her parents (who, speaking of love have been married for 35 years) started her on the road to performing for Christ at a very early age. She was performing in church at the age of 8 and writing songs by 13.

For the love of her family and her hometown of Fort Worth, Texas, Dara has taken the position of Assistant Young Adults Pastor/Worship Leader at Eagle Mountain Church. That stage is where she shares her love of community and serving Jesus together. Other stages, including tours and rallies, also give Dara the opportunity to share her music filled with the love we are celebrating.

Last May she married her love, Donnie Petty, after he had proposed to her on a missions trip to Africa. Dara describes Donnie this way, “Everything I had ever known, ever dreamed about, prayed for desperately and desired deeply. He is all of that and more than I ever knew to ask for. From the first moment we met, there have been divine sign posts, beautifully lighting the pathway, taking the guess work out of it and pointing to home, to each other. It’s been the easiest, most peaceful addition, as he stepped into my life and my family, it was like he was always meant to be there.”

They both share a love for the people of Africa and serve there whenever possible. And Dara has chosen to become involved with stopping human trafficking for the love involved. Well, let’s let her explain it: “I am a very passionate advocate and Freedom Partner of IJM (International Justice Mission), and they are not just in the fight, but are winning the fight of human trafficking amongst any type of: slavery, slavery issues, and/or abuse issues. To me, they really carry the heartbeat of God, that is just relentless, and something that I want to be a part of.”

With the release of Wanted, her second album, last fall Dara continues her amazing skill of showing that love in John 13:35 to anyone who will listen.

“… I’m telling you the beginning of our story, not to in any way point to either one of us, but rather to blatantly point to the lover of all lovers, the one who made it and perfected it and lavishes it upon us His children freely. Where ever you are in life, with someone, not with someone, it’s really only about one thing, Him.” – Dara Maclean Petty