David Crowder Explains Neon Steeple

Family Life Radio —  June 16, 2014 — Leave a comment

When his little brother went screaming into the house, crying uncontrollably, David Crowder’s mom looked to him for an explanation. Little David just looked at her and shrugged his shoulders. That was until his mom looked down at his little brother’s leg and saw the bite mark that perfectly matched David’s teeth. It seems that, while they were playing in their kiddie pool in the middle of summer, David had decided that biting his little brother was a good idea. When asked, David will recount that that was the moment he got into the most trouble as a little kid.

And the adventure has continued, minus the biting, for David Crowder for many years. Coming out of a time of transition as the David Crowder Band was disbanding and he was leaving the church he had served for years, he has a brand new album titled “Neon Steeple.”  When asked about the new sound, Crowder shared in a press release, “…everything you need to know about the sound of the thing is right there in the word. It’s like porch music meets computer music… I need the porch and the computer all in something. I need folktronica, it’s what I need. And you do, too.”

For his fans, that statement is perfectly clear and one of the many things that they love about this worship leader. From his time at Baylor University, David has always had a heart for the separation between the younger students and the church. This new album captures that with an old church sound placed after a soliloquy only David could accomplish. “Neon Steeple” calls everyone back to church and back to Jesus.

The first release from “Neon Steeple,” “I Am” has classic Crowder lines like:

There’s no space that His love can’t reach
There’s no place that we can’t find peace
There’s no end to Amazing Grace
Take me in with your arms spread wide
Take me in like an orphan child
Never let go, never leave my side

Reaching directly into your heart to reassure you and teach you of God’s grace, there is no one better than Crowder. You cannot remain unchanged after hearing this album. Oh, and that child of yours that bites… perhaps you have a David Crowder growing up in your house!