Johnny and Stacey Stone

Johnny & Stacey Stone
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Johnny and Stacey love God, love each other and love sharing their lives with you every weekday afternoon. This married couple will add fresh perspective, fun and insight to your listening experience.

Johnny & Stacey Week of October 5

Johnny and Stacey —  October 5, 2015

Tim Timmons has twimmons.

Johnny & Stacey Week of September 28

Johnny and Stacey —  September 29, 2015

Blessings surround us!

Johnny & Stacey Week of September 14

Johnny and Stacey —  September 14, 2015

Jesus is always working behind the scenes.

Johnny & Stacey Week of September 7

Johnny and Stacey —  September 8, 2015

Rewards for Kids

Johnny & Stacey Week of August 31

Johnny and Stacey —  September 1, 2015

The Pledge of Allegiance with the words “under God”

Johnny & Stacey Week of August 24

Johnny Stone —  August 25, 2015

Back to school!

Johnny & Stacey Week of August 17

Johnny and Stacey —  August 19, 2015

His mercies are new every morning.

Johnny & Stacey Week of August 10

Johnny and Stacey —  August 11, 2015

Housework is good for you!

Johnny & Stacey Week of Aug 3

Johnny and Stacey —  August 4, 2015

Romantic Husbands

Johnny & Stacey Week of July 27

Johnny and Stacey —  July 28, 2015

Crazy things you’ve done in the name of love.

Johnny & Stacey Week of July 20

Johnny and Stacey —  July 20, 2015

Advice for new parents

Johnny & Stacey Week of July 13

Johnny and Stacey —  July 13, 2015

Hear how we keep our marriage strong!

Johnny & Stacey Show Highlights Week of July 6

Johnny and Stacey —  July 7, 2015

Road Trip!

Johnny & Stacey Week of June 29

Johnny and Stacey —  June 30, 2015

Parenting Style

Johnny & Stacey Week of June 22

Johnny and Stacey —  June 22, 2015

Forgiveness speaks volumes!

Johnny & Stacey Week of June 15

Johnny and Stacey —  June 15, 2015

Parents need to lead by example.

Johnny & Stacey Week of June 8

Johnny and Stacey —  June 9, 2015

June is the most popular month for weddings.

Johnny & Stacey Week of May 18

Johnny and Stacey —  May 19, 2015

Reaching milestones

Johnny & Stacey Week of May 11

Johnny and Stacey —  May 13, 2015

How do you define family?

Johnny & Stacey Week of May 4

Johnny and Stacey —  May 4, 2015

We’re celebrating moms.

Johnny & Stacey Week of April 27

Johnny and Stacey —  April 28, 2015

Sermon in a sentence

Johnny & Stacey Week of April 13

Johnny and Stacey —  April 14, 2015

Getting older is great because…

Johnny & Stacey Week of April 6

Johnny and Stacey —  April 6, 2015

What are some unspoken rules of life?

Johnny & Stacey Week of March 30

Johnny and Stacey —  March 30, 2015

What makes you a proud parent?

Johnny & Stacey Week of Mar 23

Johnny and Stacey —  March 23, 2015

Intentional Acts of Kindness

About Stacey

My husband, Johnny and our fur babies Mally and Ringo along with big families on each side that we love.

Favorite things to do 
God has given me a great desire to read, review and write books. Of course that has expanded into blogging, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but I have been inspired to write three books as well as interview multiple authors about their God-inspired works.

Something on my “bucket list” 
The top of my bucket list at this time is to finish my graduate degree at Liberty University.

Why I love working in Christian radio 
It’s because of my heart for the community! I firmly believe that we are to represent the love of Christ through our actions through taking care of those around us. I have created programs that have provided warmth and food for the hungry, school supplies and books for children and a safe place for victims of domestic violence. Christian radio gives me the opportunity to do what God has placed upon my heart.

Favorite Christian artist 
I’m a HUGE fan of Christian music and the answer to this question changes almost daily. During a recent time of struggle, God brought a new song to my ears each time I needed one and those included songs by Rend Collective, Casting Crowns, Plumb, Third Day, Natalie Grant, David Crowder, Lincoln Brewster, Kerrie Roberts, Matthew West, MercyMe, Mandisa, Jenny Simmons, TobyMac and Chris Tomlin.

Something personal/unusual most people don’t know 
I am really good at making bows. My mother, the queen of bows, taught me how to make bows for a church Christmas production so now every package, wreath and tree has to have a big bow!

Which of the five areas of Intentional Living are you most passionate and why?
Family–I am domestically challenged so I am working on my One Thing which is taking care of my family through caring for our home. Johnny can testify that I have the worst attitude about cleaning so I am working out a system to work daily on keeping up our home.

About Johnny

My wife, Stacey, Mally J Belly the One Eyed-Wonder Dog and Ringo, the new sheriff in town.

Favorite things to do
Since the age of 8, I have always wanted to be on the radio. I remember standing outside my elementary school and telling my friends that I was going to be that guy on the radio. They laughed but God knew that the dream He placed on my heart would come true.

Something on my “bucket list”
I have been blessed to accomplish several things from my “Bucket List” over the years but I have yet to go to Israel and that would be top for me.

Why I love working in Christian radio 
There is nothing more wonderful that going to work each morning and telling people about Jesus Christ. He saved me and that makes my job so intentional and purposeful that I can’t see myself doing anything else.

Favorite Christian artist
No, no, no… I don’t think I’ll answer that one! It’s like asking Christian artists which of their songs or their kids is their favorite!

Something personal/unusual most people don’t know
I love to open a new jar of peanut butter and draw a smiley face on the top. Stacey is really the only one that gets to enjoy that artistry!

Which of the five areas of Intentional Living are you most passionate and why?
Health–After years of working out and taking care of myself nutritionally, I would say that is the number one area of Intentional Living that I focus on daily. My One Thing delves a little bit into the Family area because I want to speak at least five encouraging words to Stacey each day to keep our marriage strong.