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About Joy

I grew up in the woods of West Virginia with my three brothers. I am a pastor’s daughter and I am extremely close with my family even though they live very far away.  I would love to have a pet someday but I can’t even keep the house plants alive…

Favorite things to do 
Go to the gun range, watch my favorite T.V. shows and explore Pinterest.

Something on my “bucket list”
Swim with dolphins, fly a plane and explore Europe.

Why I love working in Christian radio
When I was in college, God used Christian radio to have an impact on my life and remind me that He was there with me through every trial. Radios can be present in people’s lives when no one is there to speak into what they may be going through. I love radio because I know that God can use the music and message of Christian radio to help someone else like it helped me!

Favorite Christian artists
Britt Nicole, Chris August, TobyMac, Mandisa, Royal Tailor and Kari Jobe.

Which of the five areas of Intentional Living are you most passionate and why? 
Faith because it is the center of my life and the why behind everything I do. It is what I am most passionate about and it’s the center of my love story with Jesus Christ.


Dear Joy,

I was in desperate need of comfort from my Heavenly Father and so I turned on my life line, FLR radio. And the song I heard was "Keep Making Me" by Sidewalk Prophets. It is one the number one song on my list of songs that God has been using to refine me in the firery coals, fueled by his Holy, Flaming Love. Thank You so much, sister, for playing it!

Love in Christ,

Laura Graham


Howdy Joy! 

Last night I was listening to your program about singles and you were right on the money! How do I obtain a copy of that segment? I was trying to see if you had it on face book but I couldn't find you. Thank you and May God bless you! 



Hi Joy,

What are your hours? Did you take off any time to spend with your mom? I like listening to you at night. I don't sleep well and am up all night usually. Your a cutie.

God bless



Dear Joy for the first time i can see you? i remmember hearring your voice every night and the pure love that you give though your voice inspired me. It as been a long road for me but God as put me back to togehter with his love all is possible. again thank for your words of inspiration and may God give more Blessings



Joy, thanks so much for playing Oceans this evening.  I love it and I needed to hear it tonight along with your little testimony about what your friend sent you.  The Lord just knows when we need a touch.  Blessings

Erika Squanda
Erika Squanda

Hi Joy!

Love your voice and name. A late-at-night talkshow host that sounds wide-awake and joyous about her job. Yay God's Team!

You asked for listeners to share inspirations of HOpe, and this is the best spot I could find to share such a response. 

This year, Operation Christmas Child filled my heart with joy when I learned little kids all around the world who may have never ever been given a gift receive boxes full of items precious to them. This operation has given me a renewed heart towards finding a career path in ministry--which I'm still trying to locate--but one that has my heart back on what really matters--God's Wonderous Love for Us!

Hoping to share His love back with you,



Hi Joy,

I've been listening to you for some time're on for my hour drive home from work at night.  I love your outlook on so many things we deal with day to day in our lives and the way you tie it all back to God's word and using that as a guide.  I've been a Christian for about 30 years now and have seen the blessings God has given me...they are too many to keep track of.

One of the blessings He's given me is Christian music.  He's allowed me to hear so much of his Word put into music, which, by allowing me to listen to FLR and other Christian radio stations over the years, has allowed me to put God's word in front of my 3 children.  

Over the years I've bought and downloaded Christian songs to burn onto CD's and play in the car when we didn't have Christian radio available.  The kids just kind of rolled their eyes when dad played his music but over the years they grew to like it.  My oldest daughter started a praise band about a year and a half ago, she's 21 now, and the band includes my youngest daughter and 2 foster children we were blessed with!  They group, Crossover, are good and play at various churches and events in our community, including a Youth group, Teens for Truth, that my wife was instrumental in getting off the ground  God has been very clear to us both that we need to bring his word to the youth in our area.

One of the other blessings we've been given is meeting another Christian Band, 513Free, who has a mission similar to ours.  We've had them play at our Teens for Truth events (we're on Facebook), and have gone to see them in their home church in Eau Claire WI a few times.  We've got to know the band over the last 2 years and I must say, this group of young adults is very committed to spreading Gods word to anyone and everyone that comes to hear them...all for FREE.  Their name, based on Galations  5:13, has taken them around he country and even overseas to perform.

They hve just recently released a few new and redone songs.  they have a new song called Upside Down Christmas that has just been on my mind since I've heard it.  The sond and lyrics are original written by them and I feel I need to share this with you.  This is available by going to their facebook page, 513Free (no space) or you can listen to it at the following link.

I believe you will need Spotify web player if you use the link.  They have 2 versions, one with he raper Agape in it and the other without.  I really like both.  The lyrics really seem to hit home with our world today and how Christmas seems to influence the secular world.

I hope you enjoy the music and will keep 513Free (and Crossover), as well as Teens for Truth in your Family Life's family prayers.  Your influence in Southwest Wisconsin has really been appreciated.  God is  at work, God is ALIVE, and God is awesome!


Hello Joy!

I love your bucket list! :D I also want to fly an airplane and explore Europe! Though I think that flying an airplane might be more real someday. I love listening to you on the radio! Every time I hear your voice I can't turn off the radio because I know you are going to tell an awesome story or share a great testimony! I'm always telling my family about something you said and I think it would be awesome to be a DJ for Family Life Radio someday also! Thank you for being so encouraging, you really are beautiful. ♥

In Christ's Love,

 Julia Ryan♥ (age 14)