Julia Taylor

Julia Taylor
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Laugh at your mishaps, celebrate your victories and share your heart in between your favorite songs with Julia Taylor.

Julia Taylor – Week of September 7

Julia Taylor —  September 9, 2015

For My Friends Struggling With Depression:

Julia Taylor – Week of May 11

Julia Taylor —  May 15, 2015

De-cluttering and staying on top of it.

Julia Taylor – Week of March 23

Julia Taylor —  March 27, 2015

This Broken House

Julia Taylor – Week of March 1

Julia Taylor —  March 3, 2015

My Dirty Laundry

Julia Taylor – Week of Feb 22

Julia Taylor —  February 24, 2015

Babysitting is basically a contract, but do you both know the terms?

Julia Taylor – Week of Dec 8

Julia Taylor —  December 11, 2014

As if defying gravity isn’t enough…

Julia Taylor – Week of Nov 17

Julia Taylor —  November 18, 2014

Tips for cooking on Thanksgiving with less stress:

Julia Taylor – Week of Nov 10

Julia Taylor —  October 29, 2014

One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen happened at a place where I least expected it.

Julia Taylor Show Highlights Week of Oct 13

Julia Taylor —  October 15, 2014

It hurts sometimes when you look in the mirror and think, “I’m really terrible at this”.

Julia Taylor – On Air Starting Monday, July 7

Family Life Radio —  June 27, 2014

Julia Taylor is the newest member of the Family Life Radio On Air Team. Be listening for her beginning Monday, July 7.

About Julia

I’m the wife of a worship pastor and mother of four children, two (school age) girls and two (too young for school) boys.


How do you juggle fulltime work, kids in school/sports, boys in diapers and time as a pastor’s wife?
Well…I don’t; at least not successfully enough to brag and rub my fingernails on my shoulder. Some days I sacrifice order for spontaneous fun and other days the spontaneous for order. It’s a balancing act that I haven’t quite perfected, but I’m getting there. There are days where I just ask God to please carry me to the finish line (or in other words, my blanket and pillow at the end of the day).


Which sci-fi space craft would you rather travel in: the Tardis (Doctor Who), the Enterprise (Star Trek), the Millennial Falcon (Star Wars)?

Definitely the Tardis, because I could not only travel through space, but time as well. I know the Enterprise has done some time traveling but that’s not what it’s built for so something always breaks. It’s a personal rule of mine to never travel with a Wookiee.


What are some things that you are passionate about?


Mexican/Italian Food

Helping people find and remove any obstacles preventing them growing closer to God


What are some Bible verses that you find encouraging?

Isaiah 40:11 …He gently leads those who have young

I may be really hard on myself for parenting fails, but God is being far gentler with me.

Philippians 4:11 …for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.

I have lived in so many different circumstances and I can’t say I’ve ever really been content. This verse gives me a life goal: contentment through Christ.


A life changing moment?

When I was in my earlier 20s I came face to face with the man who abused me as a child.  That anger that had carried me through childhood and my teen years didn’t flare up as I had expected.

I had gotten to the point where I was exhausted carrying this emotional load and God used it to show me a picture of heaven. Not like a vision in a dream, more like a concept; a place where you can live at peace with those who have hurt you.  In heaven everyone will be made new and all sin will be forgiven.

God opened my heart to forgiveness; and almost immediately the space once occupied by bitterness and hatred was filled to overflowing with peace, joy and love. It may not be safe or appropriate to have a future on this earth with my father, but because of forgiveness I know I can have an eternal life with him.