Michelle Dawson

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Host Michelle Dawson provides a friendly voice to keep you company throughout the overnight hours.

Grayson Reed

Bill Ronning —  August 24, 2016

In Ministry and Married

I love my marriage!

Johnny and Stacey —  August 22, 2016

Good Morning, I love you!

Hello, My Name is…

Bill Ronning —  August 22, 2016

Matthew West

All Praise – August 21

Dennis Hutchinson —  August 21, 2016

“The Lord crowns the humble in victory.” ~ Psalm 149:4

Calm School Mornings

Johnny and Stacey —  August 17, 2016

It can be done!

Consumed By Fire – He Waits For Me

Bill Ronning —  August 17, 2016

Find peace meeting with God

Rend Collective

Peter and Shannyn —  August 17, 2016

A Celtic Moment

Be Present

Johnny and Stacey —  August 15, 2016

Quality Vs Quantity

Paul Baloche – Glorious

Bill Ronning —  August 15, 2016

No one else above Him

All Praise – August 14

Dennis Hutchinson —  August 14, 2016

“A whole stack of memories never equal one little hope.”

Bible Or Not

Johnny and Stacey —  August 12, 2016

Is it in the bible?

Morning Show Bible Challenge

Peter and Shannyn —  August 10, 2016

Crushed…in Christian Love.

Olympic Divers

Peter and Shannyn —  August 10, 2016

Where do you get your identity?

Jelly Telly-Olympics

Peter and Shannyn —  August 10, 2016

Free Olympics Activities for your Family!

Don’t Loose Heart

Bill Ronning —  August 9, 2016

There is Hope.

Dennis-Claire Ava

Peter and Shannyn —  August 9, 2016

Life Lessons from new Radio Papa Dennis.

Romantic Husbands

Johnny and Stacey —  August 8, 2016

He took care of the details.

Matt Hammitt – Sanctus Real

Bill Ronning —  August 8, 2016

God’s Forgiveness

Cheap Flight Day

Peter and Shannyn —  August 8, 2016

Be intentional with your travel budget.

All Praise – August 7

Dennis Hutchinson —  August 7, 2016

“Instead of paying so much attention to the prince of darkness, focus on the Lord of light.”

Peter The Redemption

Johnny and Stacey —  August 2, 2016

John Rhys-Davies reads to learn more about his roles.

The Afters: Battles

Bill Ronning —  August 2, 2016

You Are Not Alone

It’s a Yay day!

Johnny and Stacey —  August 1, 2016

Smile because it happened.

Some Things Stay the Same

Bill Ronning —  August 1, 2016

Grandchildren make the load a little lighter

Rich Mullins-Prayer

Peter and Shannyn —  August 1, 2016

Have you ever felt it hard to pray?

Michelle shares biblical insight as well as encouraging music from your favorite Christian artists.