Michelle Dawson

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Host Michelle Dawson provides a friendly voice to keep you company throughout the overnight hours.

Is There Such A Thing As Dangerous Love?

Dennis Hutchinson —  October 12, 2017

It starts with expectations.

Simple Ways to Bully-Proof Your Kids

Peter and Shannyn —  October 11, 2017

National Stop Bullying Day!

God’s Way is the Path to Light

Bill Ronning —  October 4, 2017

We have the opportunity to reflect God

President Trump Addresses the Nation After Las Vegas

Peter and Shannyn —  October 3, 2017

Intentional Acts of Kindness!

Plan Interrupted

Bill Ronning —  October 2, 2017

Ask God what His plan for your life is.

Turn My Eyes

Bill Ronning —  September 14, 2017


Jeremy Camp

Peter and Shannyn —  September 13, 2017

What does a singer do when he loses his voice?


Bill Ronning —  September 12, 2017

I Can Only Imagine


Bill Ronning —  September 6, 2017

Crowder says sacrifice is the key to discipleship.

Brandon Heath

Bill Ronning —  September 4, 2017

Priscilla shares her story behind the song…

Sophie Hudson

Peter and Shannyn —  September 1, 2017

Loving God Where You Are

Matthew West

Bill Ronning —  August 30, 2017


Disaster Prep

Peter and Shannyn —  August 29, 2017

Tips to be ready for an evacuation.

Back To School Tips

Peter and Shannyn —  August 29, 2017

Is your child ready for school? Are you?


Bill Ronning —  August 28, 2017

Plumb has parenting advice.

Micah Tyler

Bill Ronning —  August 23, 2017



Bill Ronning —  August 21, 2017

Even If

Love & The Outcome

Bill Ronning —  August 16, 2017

If I Don’t Have You

Laura Story

Bill Ronning —  August 14, 2017

Mighty to Save

Jeff Nelson-Guam

Peter and Shannyn —  August 14, 2017

How are recent threats affecting the people of Guam?

Sanctus Real

Bill Ronning —  August 9, 2017

Lead Me

Joel Houston

Dennis Hutchinson —  August 9, 2017

What does the church need now?

Matthew West

Peter and Shannyn —  August 9, 2017

God still uses Broken Things.


Bill Ronning —  August 7, 2017

Duncan Phillips

Matthew West

Bill Ronning —  August 2, 2017

180 Zone

Michelle shares biblical insight as well as encouraging music from your favorite Christian artists.