Michelle Dawson

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Host Michelle Dawson provides a friendly voice to keep you company throughout the overnight hours.

Danny Gokey

Peter and Shannyn —  December 2, 2016

The story behind the new song “Rise.”

12 Days Of Christmas

Peter and Shannyn —  December 2, 2016

How much did you true love spend on you?

Vicki Courtney

Peter and Shannyn —  December 1, 2016

The Beauty, Worth, & Wonderfulness of You!


Dennis Hutchinson —  December 1, 2016

“Mary’s Little Boy Has Got This!”

The White Envelope

Peter and Shannyn —  December 1, 2016

A new Christmas Tradition idea!

Treat Your Husband as Your Neighbor

Johnny and Stacey —  November 30, 2016

Let’s be like the Good Samaritan!

Colton Dixon

Bill Ronning —  November 30, 2016

Convicted on his purpose in life

All Grown-Up

Johnny and Stacey —  November 28, 2016

Name the moment


Bill Ronning —  November 28, 2016

TobyMac is planning to listen more in 2017.

Hawk Nelson

Bill Ronning —  November 23, 2016

Live Like You’re Loved

Blessings Party

Peter and Shannyn —  November 23, 2016

Focus On Others This Christmas!

Modern Thanksgiving

Johnny and Stacey —  November 22, 2016

Menu Items

Blessings For Children

Johnny and Stacey —  November 21, 2016

Grandparents Bless the Grandkids

If We’re Honest

Bill Ronning —  November 21, 2016

Spiritual Disciplines

Ten Commandments

Peter and Shannyn —  November 18, 2016

The National Treasure of Israel

In the Meantime

Peter and Shannyn —  November 16, 2016

What to do when you don’t know what to do

Home For Lane

Peter and Shannyn —  November 16, 2016

Beginning Together .. Rebuilding Together

National Adoption Month

Peter and Shannyn —  November 16, 2016

A Loving Option

Parenting Help

Johnny and Stacey —  November 15, 2016

Advice for the new parent

God Will Be With You

Bill Ronning —  November 15, 2016

Moving Forward

Every Marriage Needs

Johnny and Stacey —  November 14, 2016

Quiet Time Together

Big Daddy Weave

Bill Ronning —  November 14, 2016

The Lion and the Lamb

We Are Messengers

Peter and Shannyn —  November 14, 2016

The story behind the song “Magnify”

Thankful Thursday

Johnny and Stacey —  November 10, 2016

Roof Over My Head

We Are All Rescued

Johnny and Stacey —  November 9, 2016

Pets are family!

Michelle shares biblical insight as well as encouraging music from your favorite Christian artists.