Peter and Shannyn

Peter & Shannyn
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Hear great music, be encouraged and get help for you and your family with Peter & Shannyn. Join them each weekday morning for fun, flavor and offbeat news.

Talking To Kids About Terror

Peter and Shannyn —  May 26, 2017

The world is a dangerous place, but God’s kingdom is not in trouble!

International Day for the Unreached

Peter and Shannyn —  May 25, 2017

Sunday June 4!

Mark Schultz

Peter and Shannyn —  May 24, 2017

A Night of Music & Ministry

Revive Us DVD

Peter and Shannyn —  May 23, 2017

What will it take to bring revival?

Louie Giglio

Peter and Shannyn —  May 18, 2017

What Giants Are You Facing?

Mother’s Day

Peter and Shannyn —  May 12, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day!

Resurrection of Gavin Stone-DVD

Peter and Shannyn —  May 10, 2017

Funny & Faith Go Hand in Hand!

Psalms of Ascent

Peter and Shannyn —  May 3, 2017

The new study from She Reads Truth!


Peter and Shannyn —  April 10, 2017


Social Media Relief

Peter and Shannyn —  April 6, 2017

Hide the Political Fights on Facebook!

Miracles of Jesus

Peter and Shannyn —  April 4, 2017

The latest study from She Reads Truth!

Tricky People

Peter and Shannyn —  March 30, 2017

The two words that may save your kids!

Bill Gaither

Peter and Shannyn —  March 22, 2017

Living Legend

Newsboys-Duncan Phillips

Peter and Shannyn —  March 21, 2017


Winning `o the Green

Dennis Hutchinson —  March 17, 2017

From Medawar Jewelers

Celebrate Your Marriage

Peter and Shannyn —  March 16, 2017

“The whole weekend was great!”

Rend Collective

Peter and Shannyn —  March 14, 2017

A St. Patty’s Day Surprise!

National Get Over It Day

Peter and Shannyn —  March 9, 2017

5 Ways to Get Over Being Let Down!

Kari Jobe

Peter and Shannyn —  March 6, 2017

What’s life like for this new mama?

Newsboys-Jeff Frankenstein

Peter and Shannyn —  February 27, 2017

He’s Surely Alive .. Alive!!!

Priceless the Movie

Peter and Shannyn —  February 15, 2017

Priceless – Now on DVD!

Acts of Kindness Wreath

Peter and Shannyn —  February 8, 2017

Celebrate Intentional Acts of Kindness!

Colton Dixon

Peter and Shannyn —  February 7, 2017

Listen for the new single “All That Matters” on FLR!

Priscilla Shirer

Peter and Shannyn —  January 31, 2017

The Fervent Tour coming to Family Life Nation!


Peter and Shannyn —  January 25, 2017

Finding hope in the unexpected

About Peter

Family – My wife is Lynette, and we have two daughters, Kirsten and Megan who is married with two children. Plus, our family has two cats and a black Labrador.


Favorite things to do – I love to act or direct in Community Theater and I enjoy running, swimming or snorkeling, cross country skiing, and playing racquetball.


Something on my “bucket list” – To go on a Caribbean cruise with Dr. Randy Carlson.


Why I love working in Christian radio – It gives me the opportunity to combine two of the things I’m passionate about – broadcasting and Jesus.


Favorite Christian artist – Newsboys or Casting Crowns (I can’t decide).


Which of the five areas of Intentional Living are you most passionate and why? – Faith. Because I love Jesus most of all.

About Shannyn

Family – My husband is Joseph and I’m mother to two children, Alexandra who is in high school and Liam who’s in elementary school. We also have a cat, Cheese, and a dog, Buddy.

Favorite things to do
 – Working out, writing, cooking and gardening. I also help feed the homeless and love sharing Jesus with others.

Something on my “bucket list”
 – I want to publish my books and take my family to Africa.

Why I love working in Christian radio
 – I love to share Christ and celebrate Him every day. It’s the best stuff there is.

Favorite Christian artist
 – David Crowder Band