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Peter & Shannyn Show Highlights, Week of April 14

Peter and Shannyn —  April 14, 2014

Peter & Shannyn – Monday, April 14 This morning Aaron Boyd with the band Bluetree & Dion Jacobs with The Informants stopped by to talk about the Worship & Justice Tour, a free benefit for World Orphans, which serves churches around the world who have a heart for orphans in their communities.   Peter & Shannyn read […]

Peter & Shannyn Show Highlights, Week of March 31

Peter and Shannyn —  April 1, 2014

Peter & Shannyn – Tuesday, April 1 On this April Fool’s Day, here is a link to some just for fun pranks the kids will love.

Peter & Shannyn Show Highlights, Week of March 24

Peter and Shannyn —  March 24, 2014

Peter & Shannyn – Friday, March 28 Today’s the day the new film Noah hits theaters, & we brought in an expert on the subject.  Jeff Kinley is with Dallas Theological Seminary, & author of the new book As It Was In the Days of Noah. Peter & Shannyn – Thursday, March 27 Spring Cleaning week […]

Peter & Shannyn Show Highlights, Week of March 17

Peter and Shannyn —  March 17, 2014

Peter & Shannyn – Friday, March 21 It’s National Puppy Day!  This morning Marion Wells joined us to talk about her new book, Dogs To the Rescue. Peter & Shannyn – Tuesday, March 18 Prove It Pinterest Here’s the “Homemade Deodorant” recipe that Shannyn found on Pinterest.   Peter & Shannyn – Monday, March 17 […]

Peter & Shannyn Show Highlights, Wk of Mar 3

Peter and Shannyn —  March 5, 2014

Peter & Shannyn – Wednesday, March 5 This morning we were joined by Brian Wassom, author of the new book What Would Jesus Post, look at the principles Christians should follow on social media. Peter & Shannyn – Thursday, March 6 This morning Steven Curtis Chapman dropped by to talk about his new album & […]

Peter & Shannyn Show Highlights, Wk of Feb 24

Peter and Shannyn —  February 24, 2014

Peter & Shannyn – Monday, 2/24 This morning our friends Jay & Laura Lafoon from Celebrate Your Marriage stopped by to talk about the secret to a happy marriage.  More on their ministry, including marriage conferences and Ultimate Date Nights available here. Peter & Shannyn – Tuesday, 2/25 Peter’s granddaughter Sabrina has published her first […]

Peter & Shannyn Show Highlights, Wk of Feb 17

Peter and Shannyn —  February 17, 2014

Peter & Shannyn – Monday, 2/17 Scott Hamilton Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton on his journey to faith in Christ. I Am Second   Peter & Shannyn – Friday, 2/21 Songwriter & recording artist Brandon Heath joined the show this morning, talking about his ministry and the new Hits Deep Tour with Toby Mac.

Peter & Shannyn Show Highlights, Wk of Feb 10

Peter and Shannyn —  February 11, 2014

Peter & Shannyn – Tuesday, 2/11 This morning on the show, Sheila Walsh joined us to talk about her new book Inside the Storm, about trading chaos for the truth of God.

John Burton – Hope Hero – February 2014

Family Life Radio —  February 5, 2014

Our Hope Hero for February 2014 is Pastor John Burton of Detroit. He is calling his city to revival through prayer with “Pop-Up” revivals all over the city.

Peter & Shannyn Show Highlights, Wk of Feb 3

Peter and Shannyn —  February 4, 2014

Peter & Shannyn, Tuesday 2/4 This morning we were joined by recording artist & worship leader Matt Maher, talking about potty-training his little one, what he does to prepare for Lent, & the Hits Deep Tour with Toby Mac, Brandon Heath, Mandisa & Matthew West.   Peter & Shannyn, Friday 2/7 Here’s the link to […]

Peter & Shannyn Show Highlights, Wk of Jan 20

Peter and Shannyn —  January 21, 2014

Peter & Shannyn – Tuesday, 1/21 This morning former Mr. Universe Peter Nielsen joined us to talk about getting over the road blocks in your New Year’s goal to become more physically fit.  More on Peter’s amazing journey here.   Peter & Shannyn – Wednesday, 1/22 The Considerate Neighbor This morning a good friend of […]

Peter & Shannyn Show Highlights, Wk of Jan 13

Peter and Shannyn —  January 14, 2014

Peter & Shannyn – Tuesday, Jan 14 This morning Alisa Keeton from Revelation Wellness dropped by to discuss how to love the bodies that God gave us. Peter & Shannyn – Thursday, Jan 16 Soon to be new mommy Rebecca St. James joined us this morning to talk about her new book, Merciful Scar.

Peter & Shannyn Show Highlights, Wk of Jan 6

Peter and Shannyn —  January 6, 2014

Peter & Shannyn – Monday, Jan 6 Today, the first Monday of a New Year, is sometimes called “Blue Monday” - the most depressing day of the year. Here are some things you can do to help prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder, from WebMD: Try to spend some time outside every day, even when it’s cloudy. The […]

Peter & Shannyn Show Highlights, Week of Dec 16

Peter and Shannyn —  December 16, 2013

Peter & Shannyn – Monday, Dec 16 Fireside Story – Joseph’s Letter Home (From Dear Mom, We’re still in Bethlehem–Mary and I and little Jesus. There were lots of things I couldn’t talk to you about last summer. You wouldn’t have believed me then, but maybe I can tell you now. I hope you […]

Peter & Shannyn Show Highlights, Week of Dec 9

Peter and Shannyn —  December 10, 2013

Peter & Shannyn – Tuesday, December 10 This morning we talked with Christian meditation expert Brooke Boone about ways to de-stress at Christmas. Peter & Shannyn – Wednesday, December 11 This morning we were joined by Photographer Jess Burton to tell us how to take great family pictures this Christmas.  If you’d like to learn […]

Peter and Shannyn Highlights week of Dec. 4th

Shannyn Caldwell —  December 2, 2013

Tips on Cyber Monday Shopping from 1) First and foremost, download the FREE Hip2Save App, sign up for Hip2Save Hot Text alerts, follow Hip2Save on Facebook and plan to follow regularly throughout the day on Cyber Monday. I will be up super early posting all the best deals so be sure to refresh […]

Peter & Shannyn Show Highlights, Week of Nov 25

Peter and Shannyn —  November 25, 2013

Peter & Shannyn – November 25, 2013 Tenth Avenue North Mike Donehey of Tenth Avenue North stopped by this morning to talk about Winter Jam, and their hit song “Worn.” Peter & Shannyn – November 26, 2013 Son of God The Bible mini-series on History Channel was one of the most watched shows on television […]

Peter & Shannyn Show Highlights, Week of Nov 18

Peter and Shannyn —  November 18, 2013

Peter & Shannyn – November 18, 2013 Movie Ratings A new report in the journal Pediatrics suggests PG-13 movies today contain more violence than the R-rated films of the 1980s, and in particular gun gun violence in PG-13 films has tripled since 1985, the year the PG-13 rating was first introduced.  This morning Bob Waliszewski […]

Peter & Shannyn Show Highlights, Nov 13

Peter and Shannyn —  November 13, 2013

Amish Peace Patricia Goyer, author of The One Year® Book of Amish Peace, joined us this morning to talk about how simplifying your life can improve your connection with God. World Kindness Day Today is World Kindness Day.  Below is a card you can print off when you do an Intentional Act of Kindness, to let […]

Peter & Shannyn Show Highlights, Nov 11

Peter and Shannyn —  November 11, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan An estimated 10,000 people have died in the Philippines following last week’s typhoon, and more than 600,000 are out of their homes.  The United Nations says many survivors have no food, water or medicine. Several ministries are already working to provide relief, including: Samaritans Purse Salvation Army World Vision  Food for the Hungry […]

Peter & Shannyn Show Highlights, Nov 8

Peter and Shannyn —  November 8, 2013

Billy Graham – My Hope Last night, Billy Graham’s final sermon for America was aired across the nation.  Here’s the video of it on You Tube. Billy Graham – My Hope

Peter & Shannyn Show Highlights, Nov 6

Peter and Shannyn —  November 6, 2013

Citizen Way Josh Calhoun of the band Citizen Way dropped by this morning to talk about the band’s latest single. 10 Reasons NOT To Marry This morning Peter & Shannyn discussed Seth Smith’s blog post that’s gone viral – “Marriage Isn’t For You” Dr. Randy Carlson recently shared 10 reasons you should NOT get married. […]

Peter & Shannyn Show Highlights, Oct 31

Peter and Shannyn —  October 31, 2013

Peter Nielsen This morning we were joined by Fitness Expert Peter Nielsen, talking about ways to avoid the candy this Halloween.  Plus you can check out more tips at Halloween Candy Buy Back A listener called this morning to tell us about an effort to buy back Halloween candy to help our soldiers meet […]

Peter & Shannyn Show Highlights, October 30

Peter and Shannyn —  October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Seeds This morning we shared a recipe from a listener for pumpkin seeds.  If you make some, we’ll gladly take them off your hands! Ingredients: 2 cups pumpkin seeds 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 1 1/2 tablespoons melted butter 1 1/4 teaspoons salt Directions: Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Thoroughly rinse seeds and pick out […]

Peter and Shannyn Highlights Friday Oct 25

Shannyn Caldwell —  October 25, 2013

Did you miss the interview with Plumb today? Do you want to hear her story of hope again? Click HERE!

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