Erin Wiens

Peter and Shannyn —  April 1, 2013 — Leave a comment
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Erin Wiens, Director of Outreach Ministries at Radiant Church

Sister Erin has been called by the Lord to do Outreach Ministry and mission work in her life. She has done mission work in Africa and other places. Through Radiant Church, she directs all the efforts to reach the local community. She oversees the Second Saturday program where every month they choose a different organization to serve and meet their needs such as making disaster relief buckets, food bags, shelter emergency hygiene kits and collecting clothing and food donations for needy families. Recently, she directed the Second Saturday team to come into El Mirage, an impoverished community, where they did improvements to three organizations including the community center, a preschool and a church, Camino al Cielo. Her commitment to this ministry is so evident in the amount of time and energy she puts into making all these amazing things happen. But most of all, its the smile on her face that reflects the love of Jesus Christ and a humble, hopeful serving heart. Congratulations, Erin! Keep givin’ ‘em heaven!