89.9 FM Tower Project Underway!

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Today, 89.9 Family Life Radio has a new opportunity to have an even greater impact on our community.

The lease on our current tower location expires in just a few days and the property is no longer available. In order to remain on the air serving our community – we have no choice – we have to move our antenna to a new tower location.

Coverage Map

The new antenna location will improve our coverage and reach another 10,000 people.

After an extensive search, a suitable tower was located that will allow us to continue serving the community and expand our coverage area, reaching even more of the Emerald Coast for Christ. In fact, our crew is working hard right now to finish moving the antenna. The total project cost is $198,500.

After the move, nearly 200,000 people will be able to tune in to the station 24/7. That’s 10,000 more than are currently being reached by the signal.

Will you help us?

Our window of opportunity is very brief. The need is urgent.  But the opportunity to reach more of our community with a larger, more powerful signal is within reach. Make a gift toward the project today – just click on the link below

Give: 89.9 Tower Project