Family Life Radio Days of Compassion – Feb. 18-19

Family Life Radio —  February 13, 2014 — Leave a comment
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You have the opportunity to tell a child half way around the world about Jesus Christ. Family Life Radio and Compassion International are teaming up to make a difference for children in poverty with the Days of Compassion. You will hear stories of lives changed and lives waiting to be changed.

Like the lives Peter Brooks saw when he traveled to Colombia. “I will never forget standing in the church where the Compassion kids were finishing lunch. They were getting ready to enjoy an afternoon of games and learning. I caught a glimpse out the door and saw the longing, empty eyes of some children who were not yet able to join in because they didn’t have a sponsor.”

“Visiting Colombian families in poverty jolted me into the realization that it’s not just the lack of material “things” that makes it such a hard life for these people,” shares Family Life Radio midday personality Bill Ronning. “But the lack of comfort or anything that resembles convenience. Compassion partners with local churches and I was moved deeply to see the pastor and his wife living amongst the poverty to care for these precious people.”

Precious people like the 8 little children Johnny and Stacey Stone, Family Life Radio’s Afternoon team, found in a dirt floor squatter’s hut in Cienega, Columbia. Among the squalor of human waste and little food, all of the children slept on a twin mattress on the floor and the mom was so proud that she could fit all of them on that single mattress. Stacey Stone explained, “I will never look at our bed the same way again.”

Johnny continued, “I am so glad that we sponsor a young girl in Colombia because we saw firsthand how our sponsorship is changing little Sandra’s life. Her mother kept saying over and over again… thank you.”

Family Life Radio’s Morning Show Co-host Shannyn Caldwell remembers a little boy named Henry. “He lived with his grandparents in a home of tarps and wood pallets. Henry was eager to show off his prize possession, a doll which he shared with his two sisters. The doll was really a dirty matted head and torso; the arms and one leg were gone. Henry said, ‘I don’t mind that she’s broken. She gives me a way to practice.’ Practice what? I asked. ‘I’m going to be a doctor one day he said with a toothy smile.’ And because of the education and encouragement he’s getting through the Compassion project, I just know that one day he will in fact be Dr. Henry.”

It is our hope that there will be more Henrys and fewer children with “empty eyes”. In 2013, Family Life Radio listeners sponsored 1004 children. Join us Tuesday and Wednesday, February 18th & 19th, for the Days of Compassion. You can sponsor a child by calling 1-888-888-9976. You can also click here to sponsor online. Or visit our Facebook page.