Heather Williams

Family Life Radio —  August 27, 2013 — Leave a comment
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Heather Williams remembers the time she was scheduled to perform at an all-night women’s prayer and worship event in Illinois. Part of her outreach and intentional life in Christ involves performing and hands-on teaching for the Lord.

Not being a night owl and being the mother of a newborn, she prayed to the Lord to help her stay awake.

“Looking back I realize what a silly short viewed prayer that was. Let me tell you… not only did He help me stay awake… He showed up in ways I could not have imagined!”

Since the age of 18, when she was saved, God’s path has been an ever-present inspiration in Williams’ life.  The 37-year-old singer/songwriter from Stuart, Florida, comes from a broken home. Her mother gave her away at age 11, and she was raised by her grandparents and aunt and uncle in Dearborn, Michigan. She abused drugs and alcohol as a teen before finding the Lord. Her faith as an adult was challenged even after she married, with the passing of her 6 month old child.

All of those experiences come through in Williams’ music, but even smaller events are meaningful. The all-night prayer event in Illinois included small group prayer and sharing cards with characteristics of God.

“These cards were given to us with a characteristic of God typed on them,” Williams, 37, wrote in her blog. They had been prayed over specifically for the person who would receive them. Mine said… “‘Strength.’ I was unable to contain the tears as I read it to the group. I was so thankful that God allowed me to receive THAT card in THAT moment. We prayed, as we did repeatedly all night.”

Williams heard the call, “come as you are” when she was saved. She said she cursed the Lord until the moment He touched her heart nearly 20 years ago.

“What do you say to God, when you’ve been blaming Him for 18 years of your life and telling him you hate Him. I mean, boldly telling him you hate Him, cursing Him?” Williams said in an interview with IAmTheSource.org. “I just said, ‘Forgive me’.”

Williams shows her love for God intentionally through her music.

“I live my life as a testimony,” she said.