Home Made Nativity

Shannyn Caldwell —  December 12, 2012 — Leave a comment
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You’ll need:

Two pieces of 2×2 wood.

{ For Joseph’s body: 6” long. For Mary’s body: 5” long. }

1 small piece of wood for the manger: 1×2 that is 3” long.

2” Wood Ball for Joseph’s Head.

1.5” Wood Ball for Mary’s Head.

1 Wood Peg

DecoArt Santa Red Acrylic Paint

{ because this is the most beautiful red ever. I use it all the time.}

Gray Acrylic Paint

1/8 yard fabric.

Scissors, brush, glue gun, and sand paper.

Handmade Wood Nativity 


First plug in your glue gun.

While it is heating up paint your wood towers and stain the small wooden manger.


When the wood is dry, glue the wood balls on top of each tower

and the small wood peg on the other piece of wood.


At this point it will look like this… So cute!

Now it is time to dress them up!

Cut two pieces of fabric one about 3.5”x5” rectangle and the other one about 7.5”x7.5” square.

For the blanket use the rectangle piece.

1. Wrap the front and glue the fabric on the back.

2. Fold over the other side and glue it.

Trim the length so it is easy to work with.

3. Fold the end like you would do if you were wrapping a gift and glue it.

These pictures are showing the back of the manger.


Use the square piece for Mary’s head piece.

Fold the fabric in half. This way you’ll see the polka dots from every angle.



Let’s make the head piece.

1. Place and center Mary on top of the fabric.

2. Bring the two top corners towards the body and glue them to the wood.

3. Turn Mary around and secure the fabric to the wood with the glue.

4. Fold one of the corners towards the center and glue it.

4. Do the same thing with the other end.

She is done!

For Joseph my little girl found me some sticks in our backyard.

All we did was pick the perfect one and glue it to his body.

Here is the entire family!

At this point I thought I was done but then Mimi reminded me that they didn’t have a home.

My little girl was right and we had to do something about that.

I have this crate that I used to have in my Sew Cute Corner.


I love the look of it and I didn’t want to change it so paper was the solution!

All I had to do was cut a 8×8 piece of paper and put it inside of the crate…

The hard part was choosing what background I liked best.

Fromm the same paper stock I punched two snow flakes, I added some rusty wire,

glued them all together and I had the perfect star…

…for our Handmade Nativity.

Isn’t it sweet?

I don’t need two and it is the CHRISTmas Season after all!

Don’t you think this would made the cutest gift?