Hottest Baby Names, Birthday cards for Abedini

Peter and Shannyn —  April 11, 2013 — Leave a comment
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Monday was Holocaust Remembrance Day. Here’s a link to the author who shared her testimony:
We also shared the most popular trending baby names:

Nameberry’s statistics says 13 hottest baby names in 2013 include Marnie (chalked up to the character on HBO’s “Girls”) Marlowe, Thor (thanks to “The Avengers”), Severine (the Bond girl in “Skyfall”), Phaedra (likely via “Real Housewives of Atlanta”), Mingus (the surname of great jazz bassist/composer Charles), Linnea (a Swedish name that sounds like Ikea furniture) and Finnegan.

Also included in top movers are the relatively-normal Wilder, Bruce, Nelly, Christian and Mavis.

Now if you’d like to send a Birthday CARD to Pastor Saeed Abedini, you can do so through the website for American Center for Law and Justice:hhttp://