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All Praise – August 2

Pain is God's megaphone to rouse a deaf world. read more »

2014-05-24 10 03 53 (3)

Johnny & Stacey Week of July 27

Crazy things you've done in the name of love. read more »


All Praise – July 26

Grace means the end of scrambling to get ahead of others. read more »

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Parent Teen Confusion

Three Parenting Blunders That Confuse Teens

Your efforts as you move from parenting a child to parenting a young adult ... read more »


tobyMac found love and then… almost let it get away

Just as TobyMac's career seemed positioned to take off, he realized he was ... read more »

Honor Obedience

How to Honor People While Obeying God

Honor and obedience are not contradictory; rather they are two different things. read more »

Prayer Lifeline

For my ex wife and her new husband.

My ex wife and her new husband are self proclaimed full-blown Athiests and are having a negative impact on the...

My marriage

My marriage is going through a great struggle. I ask that you would ask God to restore this marriage and that my...


My daugher met up with the wrong guy several years ago and has gone down a dark path. She has been taking pills...