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People who started their
Intentional One Thing Challenge

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2014-05-24 10 03 53 (3)

Johnny Makes Life Easier

He's level when the world is coming down on me. read more »

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Who is Going to Fight for You?

“We took some really big, scary steps to kind of make this happen.” read more »


Jason Gray – Brokenhearted

“No one can prepare you for the chaos of a family breakdown.” read more »


Jonny Diaz – Breathe

Driving home from work, you suddenly realize that one more stressor will ... read more »

Prayer Hope Line

Father thank u for your Answer

Lord bless my relationship with j. Give him a pure heart fill him with your Holy Spirit That he will love you and...

Job interview

I have a job interview tmrw. Please pray that if it's the Lord's will I'll be able to get the job. Thank you for...

Final step

We have been lead to a house, after months of looking. Now we just have to be approved. Please in the name of...