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Parenthood is a Blessing!

Having a child opened a new part of my heart... read more »

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Everyday Grace

Defining grace... read more »

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Mark Schultz’s Parenting Advice

With those sweet blue eyes looking up at him, it is a miracle that Mark ... read more »


What Do Squished Grapes and Motherhood Have in Common? – Becky Kopitzke

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Prayer Hope Line

God I know Your with me

God be with me please at this time of need amen. Please pray for me and a life situation in my life currently...


So it is with us; apart from Christ, our work is fruitless, and it is easy to distrust and murmur. But when He is...

wife is in depression

My wife had a baby around a month ago. In my opinion she is depressed, but the doctors seem to be dismissive of...