Praying for you is our privilege. Whether it’s a relationship, an obstacle, a major decision, praise & thanksgiving or another issue, we’re here to pray for you specifically.

Submit your prayer requests below and it will be directed to our Prayer Team. And, if you choose, we will add your request to our Prayer Wall so other Family Life Radio listeners can join us in prayer for you.

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I am praying for protection. We are in a process of making a big life change. We need a financial miracle. We hope to find a house where we are moving and a renter for our house. Please help me to pay my debts, take care of my family and protect my marriage.


My daughter Erin will be interviewing for a higher position tomorrow. I’m asking for prayer that she is confident, calm, to understand the questions & answer them clearly. I pray that she completely lays it down on His hands and trusts that He is in control, that if it is His will, He will open that door for her.


Please pray for Jesus healing to my relative, her name is Cynthia, she was recently diagnosed with cancer. Also pray that she know Christ personally and our family too.


Please pray for me. I have pain in my back, neck, left shoulder, left arm, left hamstring & left ankle.
I want to learn how to love. I was hated and abused by my father. My mother never hugged me. I was never loved, so
I don’t know how.


Please pray for my son David whose fallen away from God and living on the streets of LA.


Please pray for my friend Gordon. His children are struggling with drug addiction and he is very worried about them . Pray God will give him the right connections and start to work in their hearts to help them to quit using drugs. Also pray that God will help them both see what they are doing and who it is hurting. God healed my addiction and I know he can heal theirs may God richly bless Gordon by revealing his part in all of this.


Please pray for my 31 year old daughter Adrienne. She was raised going to church and believing in Jesus. She was baptized when she was 10. About 2 years ago her husband admitted cheating on her. They were divorced. She was very distraught and consequently became addicted to Zanax. She has since gotten off the Zanax. But here is the worst part that I am asking prayer for.
She told me about 6 months ago that she no longer believes in God. I am heart broken and scared to death for her. Please pray for her salvation.


Please pray for my sister Bobbi. She has tried to kill herself again. She needs Jesus in her heart! Thanks


Please pray that there be peace in our family. That our 18 year old adopted Dominican son will allow Christ to rule his life and not follow those who do not believe. There is a lot of turmoil in our family now since a girl came on the scene and she is leaving in 5 weeks to return to Germany. But in the mean time she has tried to get him to turn from God and have sex with her. She believes that is it alright and “everyone does it”. It has caused so much hurt in our family. Elias has only been with us for 2 years and he will be graduating in a few weeks and there are plans for him to play baseball in college. But now we are not sure if he will even stay with us. Please pray for understanding and that the Holy Spirit will guide my husband and me when we talk to Elias. May he have an open mind and heart to listen and may our family heal. I am disheartened, disappointed, deflated/defeated and just drained from this. Thank you.


Please pray for our three year old son who has general seizures and recently his medication was changed but it doesn’t seem to helping it. This Saturday will be an increase in his dose to where the doctor wants him, but I can’t help but wonder if we should have ever changed meds. He was doing so well on the other medicine. He had another one today and I wasn’t with him. There is a 50/50 chance he will outgrow them, but not for many years. Lately though, he seems to be getting hurt physically. He has a bruise on his cheekbone because of the one today. I am a little stressed with many things and having to be on the edge of my seat in case he has one is draining.



Please pray for my kitty who is experiencing liver issues. We traveled across town to go to a vet hospital for help and it still is looking scary, because she won’t eat her food. I also could use prayers for finances, as my husband is about to take a pay cut and the cost of hospitalizing our kitty will be a great expense for us. Thank you!


Please pray for me, my friend David and his wife Donna. We all have breathing issues and with the damp humidity this evening we are experiencing great difficulty with our breathing. My problem on top of that is that I’m recovering from sinus surgery and am unable to breath through my nose, which is leading to anxiety & etc


After 14 yrs of marriage and 2 children, my husband wants a separation. I am doing everything I can to change his mind. His heart is so hard right now. He’s bringing issues from 7+ years ago. I’ve been asking God to soften his heart and allow my husband to forgive and forget. I have also asked God to help me forgive and forget issues as well. I am still doing my wifely duties while the world tells me to kick him out. I cannot kick him out of our home if I’m trying to save my marriage. Please pray for us. He says he’s moving out 4/30.


Please pray for God’s protection for Cliven, Carol and their family in Bunkersville, Nevada. They are at the center of a tense confrontation between Federal Bureau of Land Management and the Bundy cattle ranch. Please pray for God’s mighty presence to show up and for His will, truth and peace.


I wanted to say thank you family life radio for praying this morning for me as I went to my social security disability court hearing. I was believing it would be done today and i’d get an answer, however, God’s timing wasn’t today as they left the case open pending further testing to come in. I have no money at all to pay bills. I am asking that you would please cont. to keep the disability up in prayer and that God would find a way for me to get through financially, physically and mentally.


Please pray for us. I have started a business and it is in the infant stages and my fiancé doesn’t understand that I can’t give money back to the family yet. I love my family more than anything second to our Lord.


Please pray for me. I feel so overwhelmed, that I don’t feel like the Lord is on my side. I feel so anxious, rejected, alone, and nobody to turn to. I have been going through a difficult time and I don’t have any strength to pray for myself. I have lost faith in Christians, especially in my church. I feel like I am at the end.


Please pray for my son James whose been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. He has had 3 major surgeries this past year. He is now going to a pain clinic because another surgery would be too risky. He has not worked in a very long time and is very frustrated. He is in constant pain and has gained a lot a weight from not being active and from emotional eating. He has applied for S.S. benefits but has been turned down twice. He has no income. Please pray for deliverance from this pain and total restoration in his body, soul and mind. Pray please that he would be able to loose this extra weight as he cannot exercise. I know he is very depressed about the weight. I do believe that he is saved.


Please pray for me. I have strong pain in my back, neck, left shoulder, left armpit, and left arm.


For unspoken prayers please and thank you.


Please pray for me to be set free from fear and depression. It torments me and gives me bad health.


Please pray that my husband’s heart would be changed in regards to his feelings toward his own mother and his in-laws. He seems to have a lot of expectations about how they should do things and when it isn’t that way he tends to hold a grudge and seems to do things to punish them. I wish that he would offer them more grace and more leeway. I worry that he is teaching our son bad things about his grandparents and worry that he is teaching our son how to treat us some day.


Please pray for us. I had been praying for God to put the right person in my life. In November I met a wonderful man through a friend, we hit it off and began dating. He has only been divorced for a year and has not been able to forgive himself. I pray for him everyday to forgive himself and open his heart. I have so much love in my heart for him. I have prayed and prayed about walking away but I truly feel that God has put us together for a reason. He ask me the other night why God is not answering his prayer and I told him maybe he is but he is not listening to the answer. I pray everyday for his heart to be healed and for him to forgive himself.


Please pray for Eric’s doctor  practice. That he will be able to give great care for many mire patients. Pray he passes his test tomorrow and can continue doing cases to supplement until his practice is doing well.


My son is soon to graduate from college! Praise God for His goodness! My son is currently in the search for a job. He is a Godly young man who is trusting God. Please pray that God would lead him clearly to the right employment for him. We know God has a plan and we are trusting Him. Please pray with us!


I have a friend Melissa whose husband Bob has a lump in his stomach or on his liver. The doctors don’t know if it is cancerous, but they are worried and scared. Please pray for comfort and healthy test results. For my self, i’m feeling rejected and abandoned by people I have known for years who I thought were my friends. Please pray for new friendships and people to go have fun with that actually enjoy hanging out .


Ignacio & Christina

Please pray for my husband. May all fear be removed from him and may he be filled with peace and trust in God.


Please pray for healing for Kinley she is 6 days old and have many health issues. She was born in Jackson, Michigan and was transported to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Please pray for the faith of our family that it only gets stronger. Please pray for safe travel for the family back and forth to Grand Rapids. Thank you.


Please pray for my cousin Steve and his girlfriend Harmony. Today they lost their baby girl in preterm birth. Neither is saved, so please pray a hedge of love, protection, and Christian fellowship like they have never known at this time. Most of all please pray they are moved through this rainy season and led to The Son.
Thank you, God bless you!!


Please pray for my brother Juan. He has had several trials. He lost his job, refrigerator broke, washer broke. He said he feels like giving up. Please lift him up to not lose faith, pray for something wonderful from God to happen so that he may feels God presence and love.


I would just like to request prayer for one of my children that is currently going through a difficult time and although she has not given her life to Christ. She recently went through something that involves her and a member of our church. I can only pray that this does not affect her belief in the God that we serve and that she can also know and understand God had nothing to do with the decisions and things that were said to her. That God can somehow reveal himself to her and just show her that He loves her more than anyone can.


I was scammed and owe the bank $9000. They are suing me. I need this debt eliminated. I also need a job. I would like to have a job I enjoy, paid enough to cover my needs (and a some wants), and has a peaceful atmosphere. I would like to have a mate. I also need direction for my life. Please pray for my mental, emotional health and physical health. Thank you.

James A

I have a job interview this morning! Pray this would be the job God wants me to have after almost 10 months of unemployment!
Help me to show excitement in my Life for God, even though I am mad at God for this long time off from work!


Please help me pray for my husband. He needs deliverance from alcohol addiction. He is the third generation that is addicted and I want that to stop now! I know that nothing is too hard for God.


I would just like to request prayer for one of my children that is currently going through a difficult time, and although she has not given her life to Christ – she recently went through something that involves her and a member of our church. I can only pray that this does not affect her belief in the God that we serve and that she can also know and understand God had nothing to do with the decisions and things that were said to her.  Pray that God can somehow reveal himself to her and just show her that He loves her more than anyone can.


My mom is in a nursing home and she has congestive heart failure which is causing her dementia to worsen. Please pray for those working with her daily to have compassion, concern, and to give her quality care.  Also, pray that the Lord would give her a clear mind and comfort from all the hallucinations she is having that is causing severe anxiety. Thank you very much.


Please pray for my husband who is going through difficulties at work. He is being accused of wrongful doing at work and is innocent of these allegations. Pray for protection and strength during these difficult times and that his name will be cleared of all allegations.Thank you.


My job of 11 years was downsized. I have been out of work for eight months now and my unemployment runs out the first week of May. Last month I turned 59 so I’m too young to qualify for any retirement yet. I became a widow five years ago. God is ALWAYS with me and I know without a doubt he will continue to take care of me. This is just an uncertain, kind of scary time for me. I’ve had eight interviews and came really close to getting the job (Executive Administrative Assistant) a couple of times, but Michigan has really high unemployment. They average 200-250 applicants for 1 position. I know that the Lord has a job where I can use all my 20+ years of Human Resources experience. He just hasn’t opened the door yet. Please pray that Michigan legislation will decide to extend unemployment benefits or that I can sell my house to have some income (family has offered housing). BUT PRAY for the utmost that I will be put in a place to be used by my Lord and Savior.  I want Him to be glorified through my life – whatever happens. Thank You for praying for me!!!


We are looking into moving and finding a better job. We are currently looking at several places and ask for prayers in choosing the right one. We want to move somewhere in Florida where its going to be good for our family as a whole. I pray and ask for prayers in finding a job and a home where God wants us to go. Amen.


Please pray for healing for C from his divorce. He is depressed and struggling. Pray he finds joy and happiness again. Also pray he opens his heart up to the Lord.


I would just like to request prayer for one of my children that is currently going through a difficult time. Although she has not given her life to Christ, she recently went through something that involves her and a member of our chuch. I can only pray that this does not affect her belief in the God that we serve and that she can also know and understand God had nothing to do with the decisions and things that were said to her. Pray that God can somehow reveal himself to her and just show her that He loves her more than anyone can.


Please pray for my marriage!!! My husband is enslaved to perversion. He is addicted to porn and now it has turned into him actually calling women on his cell phone to talk dirty to him. Just 3 days ago I saw all of the evidence on my cell bill. I was nudged in my spirit for 3 days to check the phone bill and I kept delaying it but when I finally checked it, I saw the evidence. He was also talking dirty to female coworkers on his FB page and he rekindled an old fling with his ex from his college years. My husband and I are both in our mid to late 40′s and we have 4 wonderful godly children and I’m very concerned about my marriage. I cancelled his cell phone service and we are living separately. I’ve changed all of my phone numbers because I can’t talk to him anymore because it hurts too much!!! I want God to heal our marriage and to surrender my husband to Christ Jesus of Nazareth. I can’t do it on my own and I’m so tired of crying. I’m exhausted. Please Pray for us!!!


Thank you for being here for me and my family. I have been praying for my oldest son Stephen, to be in control of his desire to consume alcohol. My prayer for my son is that he will stop drinking so he will be safe. And may God bless our beautiful America.


My wife and I have been separated since Feb 15th. Please pray for me as I feel very lonely and depressed. Also, I am experiencing financial problems.


Please pray for my father. He is not living for God which I think would really help his situation right now. My father is going through financial trouble and is about to loose his house. I would like for God to take control of this issue. Thank you very much.


Please pray for my friend who is experiencing a difficult pregnancy. She feels like a miscarriage is occurring. Thank you


Please pray for my brother. He has stage 4 liver cancer, liver problems and hepatitis C. He has an appointment with the cancer doctor tomorrow. So please pray for a miracle.


Please pray for me. I have fear and depression. I need peace with God and healing. I fall into sin to easily. I’m tormented help me please.


I ask for prayer again for Christian and Marcus. They are 21 and 19 yrs of age respectively. I know they have spiritual battles to face with their choice of friends, it doesn’t make it any easier I believe, for certain areas of their life. Pray that the Lord will send them good people, friends who can bless their lives- friends who are Christian. Also pray that they won’t believe the lies of the enemy. Thank you.


Please pray for a seventeen year old girl in our church who ran away from home. I use to live on the streets and they are very dangerous. Please pray for her return and safety. Also there is a girl who was on meth and was raped and beaten the other night please pray for her recovery.


Pray that God will give me a full time job at the bank.


Please pray for my son Aaron. He’s a drug addict trying to recover but is very angry. He is a child of God who has forgotten how much he is loved. Also pray for his recovery and safety. Also pray for me and my husband to walk with him. Trust God each day that we are given. Lift this evil out of our son.


My sister in final stage of non-alcoholic liver disease . Please pray for peace and healing, if it is God’s will.
She took a fall and is in hospital in Florida. Her name is Nina. Thank you


Please pray for healing for a sweet 3 year old boy named Isaiah. He is battling stage 4 neuroblastoma. His family are believers and they ask that God be glorified through this journey they are on.


Please pray for my son he’s going through a divorce and no job and can’t afford a lawyer and neither can we. His court hearing is April 23. Don’t know what to do.


Please pray for me. I am having thoughts of suicide. I am a diabetic, hypertensive and high tricycerides. I have decided to stop taking my medication. It will be a slow suicide, but it will be worth it, for I will be with the only one who truly loves me, Jesus! Life is not worth anymore to me. I left my church last month and have decided that I don’t want to go to church anymore. The expectations are too much for me. I just want to be left alone and then go home to Jesus and my Mom and Dad. I also have thoughts of hurting myself. Back when I was in my 30′s, I took vitamin E pills and put straight pins in them and swallowed them. And I want to do that again! I just want to go home. I see my counselor on Thursday and maybe I will go to the ER Monday to get some help, but I don’t want it anymore! Thanks


Thank you FLR for always being there for prayer and wonderful staff, volunteers and music.
Please pray for Mrs. Perry who recently lost her husband suddenly to a stroke.


Please pray for my sons’ job. The union representative is working on getting his job back. It has been about 9 months and my son is down and depressed. Please pray that they will get this resolved and he will be back to work very soon.


Please pray for us. I am helpless. I am behind two months rent and my license is suspended. My husband has kidney failure and I still cant make it. I go to sleep and pray to God sometimes to not let me wake up. I’m tired of this world and all the struggles and suffering. I have gone through the past six years wondering why others have it so good and seem to enjoy life. I on the other hand wake up and wonder what else is going to happen. I am constantly worried and stressed. I feel like there is no balance and I just want peace by being able to get ahead on my bills. I am tired.


Thank you for prayers for my son. He is opening up and sharing things with me. We are seeing positive changes daily. Please continue to pray that God would surround him with Christian friends. Also pray that his dad and I will be there for him and encourage him the way God wants us to, ultimately I want my son to dedicate his life to Christ

Ignacio & Christina

Please pray for my husband Ignacio. May God bless his mind and heart with soundness and assurance. May he send my husband peace.


The mother of my child has a new abusive fiance and they are fighting me in court to move away with my 5 year old son, Jacob. Please pray for wisdom for the Judge, protection for my son and Gods’ soverign outcome!


My young friends heart is breaking because of her mothers’ cancer. Please pray for her, for her mother and for her family. She just left work and I am really worried about her. Jesus please be with them at this very moment.


Please pray with me for my daughter she is battling mental illness while caring for her 2 yr old and she is out of work. Please pray with me that she finds a job and help for her illness. Also pray for my son whose away in college plus the a Godly supernatural healing of my whole family. May God continue to bless this radio broadcast! AMEN


I was laid off and desperately looking for job for 5 months. I just had an interview and I need prayers to get this job.


Please pray for my 7 year old nephew Ryan, that no cancer is found.


Please pray for a friend Bridgette, her husband and two young son’s. She is only 40 and had a heart attack and another this morning with an emergency triple bypass. She is in recovery and the surgeon said it went well. God bless and thank you!



My daughter Daphne of Nevada has a possibility of a job. She will know more in the coming weeks. Please pray that Gods’ will be done in this opportunity.


Please ask that God be glorified in his plan for the sale of my house.


I am thankful for all who prayed for us regarding my brother, who had lived in a nursing home for over 10 years. Although he had been diagnosed with aggressive bone cancer over a year ago, most days he was practically pain free. When he began to decline, he passed away quickly. Although we miss him, we are thankful to God for His mercies, for your kindnesses in lifting up this family in prayer.


My dad is starting the next step in his job and I pray that he will be safe every day he’s working. I’m scared that something bad will happen so I pray that God will keep him safe.


Prayer Request For World Peace Now – I pray for world peace to be fully realized now and for this peace to last forever after and I ask for all of this in the Holy Name of Jesus. Amen.


Please pray that our daughters’ eyes be open to the immoral relationship that she is involved in. Thanks.


God our Father, I thank you for all your blessings, including the job that you will about to grant me soon. In Jesus name, Amen!


Please pray for a friend who is needing Gods’ direction in a powerful way with regard to evangelism.


Please pray for me. I suffer with chronic sleep issues. I need a touch from our Lord to overcome this dreaded insomnia. Thank you.


Please be in agreemetns with me and pray for Ronald that he will have the strength and grace to live a life of sobriety. May he be strong enough to fight the devil of addiction and may he be freed forever from any temptations. May God bless him with the great health, faith in abundance and a lifetime of sobriety. Where three of more are gathered God will be there also. My hope is that more than three will pray this prayer and God will answer with complete grace to Ronald and free him today from his addictions.


I have financial stress with my family. I start a new job with an ambulance company called Guardian, can you belief that! What a perfect name for my employer. Please pray that i’m able to press forward and succeed and have Gods’ favor.



Please pray for my grandson, he will be facing a judge tomorrow. Pray that the Lords’ mercy will be with him and the judge hears the truth and that he gets his heart right with the Lord. Also pray for his protection while he is in jail tonight. That the Lord talks to his heart and he will be able to come home tomorrow. Pray for his PO to help him instead of finding more fault in him. I know the Lord has his hand in this and I thank Him for His mercy.


I am sad because I am going to loose the one man I love. He is a good guy. I just want another chance with him. Lord, knows the circumstances that prevent us from being together. We have a chance of being together. I do not want to loose R. Please Lord give me another chance with him. I am so sad. Everything is according to your will. Amen,


Our 2 week old grandson is in the ICU he has meningitis. Please pray that God will heal him, drop his fever and keep him strong and fighting for his life. He is a little fighter and that only comes from strength thru our Father who is in heaven.


I have lost my wedding band and have looked high and low, made police report and took fliers to area pawn shops and no word yet. But I hold on to my hope and faith. Please pray that it is returned to me or that I am lead by the Holy Spirit to it’s hiding place.


I have been struggling with alcoholism for many years and I want to be free of this bondage. Since I have been trying to come closer to Jesus, I have noticed that satan is working harder to keep me from breaking free from this addiction. I need prayers for strength and willpower to say no. Thank you.


I am struggling with the potential end of my long-term relationship. He says he’s unhappy with me, but he’s unhappy with life in general. I don’t know what I should do or how to deal with things and I’m grasping for any source of strength I can find. Please pray for clarity, strength and security for me.


Please pray for the healing of my heart and circulation.Thanks.


Please pray for my manager’s daughter Brook. She knows the Lord, out on drugs, alcohol and has abandoned her daughter and family. Stand in the gap with me for a miracle and restoration of this young lady. Pray that she will contact her mom soon. The family has not heard from her and feel anxiety over this situation.


I would like a prayer for my husband Mark and my self Gema. My husband got out of prison 4 months ago he is a beliver in Jesus Christ. He has fallen back into drugs and doing worong things so now he is back in jail. I ask for strength and wisdom and for him to find a job. He will be out in May 25th 2014.


Please pray for me. May I turn to God for anything & everything, give me strength & healing.


My daughter and son-in-law are struggling with their marriage and they have separated. Please pray that their marriage is restored and this family with a 2 year old is restored. Also, please pray for my daughter and her health as this is taking a toll on her both physically and emotionally.


Please pray for healing. Have been experiencing dizziness, a bit of nausea, and lack of balance and energy for almost two weeks. Went in and doctors said sinus infection but no improvement in health. Please for God’s divine intervention in all aspects of my life. Thank you!


Please pray that my hours at work will increase to full-time quickly so I can get health insurance.  Thank you.


I ask that you pray for my son. Chase, needs peace in his heart, soul and mind. He knows the Lord, but he has drifted away. He is comfused and battles with the uglyness. The Holy Spirit is powerful and my son is young and needs GOD his Father in heaven. He needs to open his eyes, mind, heart, soul, but most of all he needs his Father in heaven. Please pray hard.


I am homeless at 67 years of age. Homeless people are in a lot of pain so they say things sometimes they don’t really mean to hurt other people. Please pray for me that I will absorb that hurt and not say something mean.


Please help me pray for my son-in-law, Mike. He needs to stop being a dictator in the family. Please pray that The Lord will help him be a loving , nurturing father to his children and a fair and loving Husband to his wife!


Right now my faith in God is being tested. Just about everything in my world seems to be falling apart. In my heart I know God has a plan. But my heart is broken and I can not seem to see the light or find the trust in God I know I should have.


Thank you for your strong prayer warriors. I requested prayer for my son who was facing legal issues and he just heard all was dismissed. Thank you, Jesus and God bless Family Life Radio and their prayer team. Amen!!’


Please pray for me. That I will have strength to get through a rough family situation and find a job.


Please pray that I can get my finances in order and stay on track. I have turned my anxiety and fear over to God and just pray that He will walk through these tough times with me.


I could use prayer for my business and more specifically for my employees. Had one get arrested for DUI in Jan and is still in jail and that is hurting our ability to manufacture our products but we have been getting by, praise the Lord. Now another employee got arrested last night for having an open container. That almost kills our business. If we can’t produce, we don’t sell, we don’t make money, can’t pay bills. this makes things very difficult if the secondnd one can’t get out on bond asap. Not sure how quickly I can get others in with special skills either full or part time.


My son has been sexually abused by his older half brother. I am his dad and am trying to keep him safe. My son is 3 years old and everywhere I try to get help says that they don’t test children under the age of 10. I am asking for prayer and guidance to protect my son and find help and support.