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Daily Encouragement

We are a foster family and currently have seven children with various backgrounds. There’s a whole lot of new dynamics on the table that are quite the challenge.
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Getting Through the Day

I’m your number one listener. I just lost my brother and listening to you lifted my spirits, and the thing about it was he got saved right before he died.
Symbolic Cross on a church steeple

Gone in an Instant

Christmas Eve my husband and I were on our way to the church service but we never made it.
A woman walks down a road to a beautiful glowing cross.

Forever Changed

I was a teenager a couple years ago, and I was trying to commit suicide; going through a really hard time and doing a lot of bad, bad things that I’m not proud of at all.


I come from a really bad background – organized crime. I had to leave the country a few times and I’ve been listening to your program.