A Purpose and a Plan

I got hired for a job, my dream job; the catch was I had to move to Phoenix for three months for training.

You Are Family!

Family Life Radio, for me, isn’t just radio about family lives. I’m single and I’ve had this big void of a family in my life, and that’s been filled greatly by my Family Life Radio station.

You Can Make It

I’m a single parent and I have a son that was going through everything. It didn’t seem like anything I did would help, and I was at my wit’s end.

Reason to Dance

I have a terminal illness and have just come to grips with it, and you guys have ministered to me so powerfully.

Trusting Through Trials

My husband has had seven heart attacks. The closest hospital was 50 some miles away, so I would be driving every single day so I could be there at his bedside.