God has completely transformed my life. I had been so depressed and so defeated and my mind wasn’t right. I was drinking heavily and my marriage was on the rocks.

Alive Again!

I’d just like to share a quick story with you guys. In the past year, my dad suffered a massive heart attack and had to have emergency open heart surgery.


I met a lady not too long ago who walked up to me and held out a picture and told me that her little boy had been murdered by his father. It’s a horrible circumstance where she was begging me for ...

By Your Side

Since September I’ve been battling cancer, and I did the chemo and it didn’t do much. It stopped the tumor from growing, but it really had no effect.

Let it Fade

I grew up a Christian but chose to go the worldly way. I was very successful, but always had struggle finding fulfillment. I returned to the Lord and began listening to Family Life Radio