Jamie Grace – Facing Life’s Challenges Through Christ

Family Life Radio —  April 14, 2014 — Leave a comment
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You lead, I’ll follow. Your hands hold my tomorrow.
Your grip. Your grace. You know the way.
You guide me tenderly.
When you lead, I’ll follow.
You Lead by Jamie Grace

She comes from a strong family and a great church that supports her through all of life’s challenges. She shows that anything that holds you back can be overcome in the name of Jesus Christ. And she wants you to know the One who makes it all possible.

Jamie has released two albums, the latest being Ready To Fly with the great song “Beautiful Day”. They both spell out how she feels about Christ and how she wants you to know about Him. And she took a very unconventional road to that success. A college student who decided to put a few songs on YouTube, tobyMac found Jamie’s performances and contacted her about becoming an artist on his label. In the liner notes of her latest album, she thanks Toby and his wife Amanda for being her family when she can’t be near her own.

Her actual family is the support and base from which she chooses to fly. Her parents, when they are not purposefully embarrassing her, keep Jamie humble and make her do her chores. Morgan and Patrick, her sister and brother-in-law, may provide rides to various gigs across the country but they also give her the strength to step on stage knowing what she has faced in the past. You see, Jamie was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at the age of 11 and has achieved everything that God placed in front of her with that diagnosis.

Having been asked by many parents in the past why she writes and sings songs that imply she is singing to her boyfriend, Jamie makes it very clear that in each of her songs the only focus is Christ. “I’ve been single since I was born so the only one I know to sing to is Jesus,” explains Jamie. But she is waiting for her future husband – just no rush in that direction.

The most important message of support in her music and in her life is for you. Jamie wants you to know the God she serves. “He is the creator of the skies, seas, mountains, beaches and all things beautiful, including you. He doesn’t care who you are, where you’ve been or what you’ve done. He loves you and thinks about you, waiting for the day you just put it all in His hands,” writes Jamie. And that’s the only type of support that Jamie, you and I really need.