Jason Gray – God Uses Obstructions For His Glory

Family Life Radio —  March 17, 2014 — Leave a comment
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Sometimes when you meet someone, you can tell right away what is important in their life. Jason Gray is one of those people. The first time we ever met, Jason shared his testimony in a little kitchen at a radio station. He started off with a song that was very popular at the time, Remind Me Who I Am, and then, when he spoke, you knew something amazing was happening. See, Jason is a stutterer. But he is allowing God to use him, standing in front of huge audiences speaking in his halted words, to tell the world about Christ. Jason will be the very first one to tell you that God uses any obstructions you have to glorify Him! Then he starts playing the guitar and using the skills in that area that God has given him and you can see how small of an obstruction Jason has made of his stuttering.

From listening to Jason’s music you get an idea of his walk of faith but to talk to him, you soon find that he loves God and loves his family. In the liner notes from his new album Love Will Have The Final Word, Jason calls his three sons; Kipper, Jacob and Gus, the three greatest treasures in his life. From taking them to piano lessons, to playing card games with them and reveling in their senses of humors, Jason takes his role of father very seriously. And when you talk to Jason about those three boys and his wife, his face lights up at the same time tears form in his eyes because he misses them that much due to touring.

That’s the same way that God feels about us. It’s easy to picture our Lord as smiling at the thought of us while tears fill His eyes because He loves us that much. While researching his newest song, Jason was studying the writings of N.T. Wright and how Christians sometimes think of our salvation is relegated to the future, not in our current situation. But in Surprised by Hope, Mr. Wright writes that the Kingdom of God is always at hand and we should be doors for anyone looking for that Kingdom.

Jason writes in his new single, With Every Act of Love, about how God put us all on this earth for His love to flow through. “As heaven touches earth, God put a million million doors in the world, For His love to walk through.” Don’t think for one minute that He doesn’t love the doors He created when “One of those doors is you.”