Johnny & Stacey Show Highlights June 13

Amy Phillips —  June 13, 2013 — Leave a comment
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Johnny & Parents

We’re celebrating dads. Happy Father’s Day. Johnny reflects his dad always carried a whistle in his pocket. With eight kids, he needed to keep us in line. He’d call us to dinner with it, use it to make us stop fighting and to cheer us on as we played sports.


Images of Dad

4 years of age –┬áMy daddy can do anything

7 years of age – My daddy knows a lot. A whole lot!

9 years of age – My dad doesn’t really know quite everything

12 years of age – Naturally, Dad doesn’t know that either

14 years of age – Dad? He’s hopelessly old fashioned

21 years of age – The old man? He’s way out of date

25 years of age – Dad might know a little about it

35 years of age – Before we decide, let’s get dad’s opinion

60 years of age – Wonder what dad would’ve thought about that?

65 years of age – Wish I could talk it over with Dad just one more time…



Inside Out

Dr. Larry Crabb says his book is designed to draw you closer to Christ and help you better relate to your loved ones.

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