Johnny & Stacey Show Highlights Week of July 20

Johnny and Stacey —  July 21, 2014 — Leave a comment
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Wednesday July 23

How did you meet your spouse? We peeled back the curtain to see what our colleagues had to say…

Family Life Radio member Danny says band camp, during their junior year of high school. “We met for the first time in 6th grade while singing All City Choir, but, technically, we knew each other from birth since we were born a day apart in the same hospital.”


Tuesday July 22

Twitter is where you basically answer the question: “What are you doing right now?” You post it online at the Twitter website. Just as Twitter limits “tweets” to 140 keystrokes or less, we limit Radio Twitter to 15 words or less. Here’s what some Family Life Radio members had to say…


Monday July 21

We’re sharing family vacation road trip memories.

Family Life Radio member Charlotte says I think I was 12 when we drove across country. Coming back, we broke down in the desert. It’s wasn’t Disney Land but I really found out how protective my mom is, when someone would stop and offer help.