Johnny & Stacey Show Highlights Week of June 8

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Friday June 13


Happy Father’s Day! Max Lucado encourages men that fatherhood is a privilege.


Thursday June 12

sarah's choice

Rebecca St. James takes us behind the scenes of the message behind her book Sarah’s Choice.


Wednesday June 11

Mark Hall Casting Crowns

Mark Hall from Casting Crowns collects something he says will likely put his son through college, find out what it is.


Tuesday June 10


Steven Curtis Chapman is the recipient of five Grammys, yet he is humble.


Monday June 9

Have you ever been awakened by your child’s toy in the middle of the night? Family Life Radio Member Nicole says when their house got hit by lightning it turned on all the battery operated toys in the toy room.

Family Life Radio Member Debbie reflects on when her daughter had a furby with a low battery. It was making noise independent of being played with in the pantry.

Paula Campbell
Paula Campbell

My girls had this doll that giggled and kissed you, they out grew her so out she went to the garage in the toy box next to the washer/dryer. Fast forward several years and I'm up late doing laundry, already a bit freaked out being out there alone and my foot accidentally taps the side of the box and this evil giggle comes outta nowhere. Laundry was down for the night and I was under the covers in record speed!

Pamela Allison Krom
Pamela Allison Krom

My Grandson took a talking guy into the tub. I guess getting it wet shorted the batteries because it started talking in the night and we couldn't get it to stop until we took the batteries out. It was freaky!

Gary Huff
Gary Huff

One night I told my dog Henry get off the bed, lights were out and my step daughter's teletuby spoke up with bye bye