Johnny & Stacey Show Highlights Week of May 4

Johnny and Stacey —  May 5, 2014 — Leave a comment
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Friday May 9


Author Laurie Wallin explains that we need to embrace our quirks because that’s the way God made us.


Thursday May 8

Those 3 little letters so many of us have grown to dread: BMI (Body Mass Index).  Apparently the same is true for our pets, but Paul Mann with Fetch Pet Care says help is on the way.

Paul says you can just search the web for “Dog Body Mass Index” & get all kinds of help finding out how your puppy measures up. At the same time, he suggests a daily walk instead of just playing fetch with your dog. So you both get some exercise and time together.


Wednesday May 7

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Tuesday May 6

What does your mom always say?

Family Life Radio Family Member Carrie says “be careful and call me when you get home.”


Monday May 5

Name a truth about motherhood nobody ever told you. Our colleagues share their experience…

Family Life Radio Member Kat says art can seem a lot like graffiti when it’s on your walls in permanent marker.