Kalamazoo is getting a stronger Family Life Radio signal!

Family Life Radio —  December 17, 2013 — Leave a comment
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Kalamazoo, MI, will have a stronger signal for Family Life Radio in 2014, capable of reaching twice the listening audience, Vice President of Development Rod Robison said today.

To make the change, the Kalamazoo frequency only (95.1 FM) will be off the air temporarily, starting Dec. 26, as engineers work on changes, Robison said.

“We’re going to need your prayers and your patience while we move our equipment and antenna from where it is just west of the city to its new location much closer to the center of the city,” Robison said. “That’s going to take a few weeks.”

During the transition, listeners can continue to listen at myflr.org or on the Family Life Radio mobile app. [ iOS ] [ Android ]

“Thanks so much for your continued support, especially toward the end of the year,” Robison said. “And thanks for praying for our engineers these next few weeks as they work to provide you and your community the best service possible.”

Family Life Radio, with national headquarters in Tucson, AZ, is a powerful voice for prayer and God’s word. The ministry provides music, programs and inspirational content that help listeners experience hope in Christ. Find out more about our nationwide network of Christian radio stations and global outreach of our web sites and social media pages at myflr.org or Facebook.com/familyliferadio.