Tucson’s 88.5 Returns After 9 Months

Family Life Radio —  August 10, 2016
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For fifty years Family Life Radio has shared the hope of Christ through inspiring music and messages twenty-four hours every day across all of its signals. But on October 20, 2015, a 600-foot radio tower crashed to the ground, taking with it the 88.5 FM antenna and silencing one of FLR’s signals in southern Arizona.

While FLR didn’t own the fallen tower, all of the FLR antennas and equipment on it were destroyed. As engineers and investigators tried to figure out exactly how the catastrophic breakdown happened, FLR turned to prayer to understand God’s plan in the midst of rubble and reached out to donors and other friends for support during that time.

As family does during difficult times, FLR pulled together, finding temporary solutions so 88.5 FM could stay on the air and continue reaching listeners in southern Arizona. But the reach had been limited and the fixes wouldn’t last forever.

So we prayed and waited for God to move.

And He did! Only nine months after the tower fell, it has been rebuilt, and 88.5 FM is back up to full strength and full reach. Communities to the south and east of Tucson, which haven’t been able to receive the signal since last October, now have crystal-clear reception.

“I’m so happy to be able to share this good news with you,” says Evan Carlson, Executive Vice President of Family Life Radio, about the return of 88.5 FM. “Especially since it means more people will be reached with the Good News of our risen Savior.”

We’re profoundly grateful to those who support this ministry and help to keep 88.5 and all of the signals on air so that listeners across the country and around the globe can experience hope every day.