For King & Country Keeps It In The Family

Family Life Radio —  August 13, 2014 — Leave a comment
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It is funny that as the brothers that make up for KING & COUNTRY travel the country they are being remembered as the two baby brothers that were watched in the nursery while their sister, Rebecca St. James who had many Christian music hits years ago, performed. Joel and Luke Smallbone are ready to release their second album RUN WILD. LIVE FREE. LOVE STRONG. and to continue their performances across the country as their personal lives are striking a very pleasant chord.

Last July Joel married Moriah Peters, also a Contemporary Christian music singer, and shared their first kiss with those in attendance. When asked recently whether he wants his children to follow in his musical footsteps, Joel replied, “Wait one second! We are in the newlywed, enjoying each other stage. You can’t move us too quickly into the parent then kid’s with careers stage!” But after being pushed on the subject, he responded, “If they have the fire that I feel for music, I will support them in every way.”

Luke is finding out what it means to actually have kids that could be musically inclined. His son Jude is about one and half and he and his wife Courtney are expecting their next child. He and Courtney recorded a song together with their son included as a special guest titled “Without You”. They also wrote the song together after Luke was diagnosed with a digestive disorder and dropped to 125 pounds. One night Courtney came to his bedside and said she couldn’t do life without him and in voicing those concerns struck a survival note to Luke.

Checking the song list of Moriah Peter’s new album Brave, you will find a song that Moriah wrote the week that she met Joel. Ironically, the two of them met when someone brought her to Luke’s wedding to meet Joel. She sat down and wrote “I’ll Wait For You” and Joel added his voice to the cut for her album. It is a joy-filled song that portrays the love that these two share and how waiting for that first kiss has value.

And, about those boys that were watched in the nursery while their sister performed, they are now also the proud uncles of Rebecca St. James baby Gemma. It looks like the Smallbone family will be blessing us with their music for a long, long time!