Mark Hall of Casting Crowns

Family Life Radio —  July 11, 2013 — 1 Comment
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Mark Hall, the lead singer for the popular seven-member group Casting Crowns remembers eating dad’s cooking as a family growing up.

Hall’s mother worked in retail, and dad came home from the office first and would cook. Dad rounded up the family for quality time around the dinner table and often would feed them the same thing night after night.

“Dad would cook breakfast for dinner,” Hall said, laughing. “He sold it to us in such a way, ‘We’re having breakfast for dinner, kids!’ I thought to myself, ‘Why is this cool?’ He’d be, ‘It’s just awesome. Look at these eggs!’ I thought, ‘Why are we being sold a bill of goods here?’ ”

In reality, it wasn’t a bill of goods. It was quality time together as a family.

The family time around the table was “awesome,” he said.

On the road, Hall, 43, says many of his family’s meals are catered.

“We take turns, go around the table and talk about our day.”

Hall says he and his wife of 21 years, Melanie, live intentionally by turning to Jesus to make them complete.

“We are broken people that God has made whole,” Hall says. “When He brings us together, he brings us together broken. And that’s how we work. We don’t draw from each other. We draw from Jesus, and we give to each other. It’s so easy to say, so hard to do.”

Listen to Johnny’s & Stacey’s interview of Mark in the Family Life Radio studio.