Matt Maher

Family Life Radio —  October 7, 2013 — Leave a comment
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Christian singer Matt Maher needs the Lord in good times and bad. “Like all of us,” he says. His popular song, “Lord, I Need You,” embraces the intentionality of serving God, when you need Him and when you praise Him.

“In your joy, you need to still say, ‘Lord, I need You, oh I need You, every hour I need You,’—not just in your brokenness and darkest times,” Maher said in an interview with

“I think that’s a struggle for people,” he added. “A lot of Christians tend to look around and think the world is in a dark place, we’re struggling economically and there’s so much division in our country, but there’s always a reason to have joy.”

In July, the 38-year-old Canadian, who now lives in Arizona, had a chance to share his message during World Youth Day in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. More than 3.5 million people heard Maher perform after a moment of silence, including new Pope Francis. Maher was on his knees as he played his guitar and sang.

“Jesus changed the world with 12 followers, imagine what he could do with 3.5 million,” Maher said in an interview with SOS Radio. “We’re going to change the world by how needy and dependent on God we are. That’s going to be a more effective witness than us marching down, saying ‘I have it all figured out. I have all the answers.’ ”

The sight of 3.5 million young people on Copa Cabana Beach in Brazil, worshipping the Lord, humbled Maher. He said the experience made him realize, as a Christian, he intentionally wanted to help believers and non-believers in the best and worst of times.

“As a musician, I can go sing songs,” Maher told SOS Radio. “But Jesus did not say, go sing songs. He said go make disciples. I can try to have a great blog, or even make great art, and it’s fantastic. It’s part of the job. “But there’s a barebones level of our faith that involves connecting with people on a small level, really investing in their lives, caring about them, dialoguing with them. My faith does not always have to be a feel-good time.”

Maher might not perform in front of 3.5 million people again. But if the Lord calls on him again, he’ll be ready.