Matthew West’s Writing Partner (or Ode to Earl)

Family Life Radio —  February 26, 2014 — Leave a comment
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This past Christmas, Matthew West picked up his guitar in front of a roaring fire in his fireplace, but his writing partner just wasn’t up to the challenge. He tweeted a picture of his “writing partner”, Earl the Girl. His black pug was sacked out in front of the fireplace, keeping the creative juices from flowing. But it made me wonder, what goes through Earl’s memory as she sleeps there?

Matthew West started out as an independent artist, selling his CDs out of the trunk of his car. In 2002, he signed a recording contract, co-produced and released his CD Happy the next year. He met his wife Emily at his first meeting at the record company. They married and soon started their family with Earl. As Matthew released his CD History, Earl was sitting pretty as the queen of the household! As she slumbers, perhaps she thinks of those first happy days as the three of them celebrated the success of those first songs.

Or perhaps she dreams of winning numerous awards, having several #1 hits, authoring books and having one of Matthew’s song stories turned into a movie. She was, after all, there before Matthew’s precious daughters Lulu and Delaney. She was their first “child” and purposely dreams of keeping the drama in their life!

Earl The GirlWhen Lulu was born, Earl just wasn’t adjusting well. So off to another house Earl went, until Matthew’s wife Emily felt so bad she went back and got her. Earl the Girl doesn’t remember that part of the turmoil, but only that Emily decided it was not a home without her.

Even while Matthew was on two months of vocal rest (silence) following surgery for “‘hemorrhaging caused by some polyps” on his vocal cords in 2007, there was Earl (not obeying his written commands!). But, seriously, this was a time of concern, and Matthew’s next album was already named as he went through the surgery and recovery. Earl remembers that the album Something To Say contained Matthew’s first #1 song, The Motions. And when Hello, My Name Is broke the record last year for time on the chart, she panted along with the music.

As Matthew’s writing partner, Earl has a pretty prestigious position. Matthew West has written songs for Mark Schultz, Mandisa, Jump5, Sara Groves, Joy Williams, Casting Crowns, Salvador, Natalie Grant, PureNRG, and Point of Grace, as well as country acts Billy Ray Cyrus and Rascal Flatts.

Last year, after ingesting a rubber band ball, it was time for Earl’s surgery and recovery. They found that ball along with a plethora of Legos and other toys that Earl was trying to digest. Earl the Girl won’t be surprised if her experience becomes a song on an upcoming CD, because Matthew’s last two CD’s have included songs that were created from letters he received from his fans.

So what does Earl dream of as she sleeps in front of the fireplace? Probably a warm house with two precious little girls and a mommy and daddy that love them! After all, what do dogs dream of?