NEEDTOBREATHE Learns the Importance of Family

Family Life Radio —  July 2, 2014 — Leave a comment
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If you are facing a trial or uncertainty today, know that the brothers in NEEDTOBREATHE can understand what you are going through.

It took the realization of the importance of family for NEEDTOBREATHE to finally realize, during the past year that they define as tumultuous, that they were to continue as a band. On the verge of breaking up, Bear and Bo Rhinehart had to go through a dark time before they resolved to keep the band together. In a lot of ways, the brothers were always a little more introspective than other bands, and with Rivers in the Wasteland, their newest album, they reflect on that time of uncertainty and how God brought them together.

From the beginning of the band, Bear and Bo Rhinehart knew exactly the level at which they wanted to serve God. When asked about the band’s name NEEDTOBREATHE, Bear answered:

“It was actually a story that the drummer heard  about Socrates teaching students by the water and one of the students asked ‘How will I know when I am truly seeking after God and seeking after the purpose in my life?’ and instead of answering the student, Socrates just went over and dunked the kid’s head in the water. So the kid’s just kinda gasping for air and Socrates let him up and said ‘When you need that purpose or that thing as much as you need to breathe, that’s when you know you are really seeking after Him.’”

But, when the seeking after Him became a craving for success, the brothers found that they were weak and decided to admit it in their DVD project, “Prove the Poets Wrong.” It started out as a live DVD but, when the cameras caught the brothers fighting, they decided to release it, warts and all. They admit now that it is hard to watch, but it’s a testimony to what God and time apart can do.

During this time of strife, the band lost drummer Joe Stillwell, and the record that was supposed to take 17 days to record went uncompleted because the brothers could not be in the same room. Seth Bolt, who is the bass player for Needtobreathe, says “they’re very talented guys, but they’re really competitive.” Having to create a new normal, the brothers decided that they would stop the blaming and get their heads in the right place so they could truly love each other again.

So you can see, whatever confrontation you are facing today, NEEDTOBREATHE was there and their music speaks directly to the worried place that you find yourself.