Insights with Chuck Swindoll

Family Life Radio —  May 3, 2013

insight logoInsights with Chuck Swindoll is a one-minute feature which captures the truths of Scripture and the person of Jesus Christ in an accurate and practical manner. Host and Bible teacher Chuck Swindoll’s mission to help people come to a better understanding of God’s plan for their lives, as well as their significant role as authentic Christians in a needy, hostile and desperate world.

Two passions have directed the life and ministry of Chuck Swindoll: an unwavering commitment to the practical communication and application of God’s Word and an untiring devotion to seeing lives transformed by God’s grace. Chuck has devoted more than four decades to these goals and he models the contagious joy that springs from enthusiastically following Jesus Christ.

A pastor at heart, Chuck has served as senior pastor to congregations in Texas, Massachusetts, and California and most recently to the Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas.

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