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How I Pray for My Future Husband – Mandisa

One of the most important ways I have learned to pray is with scripture. I’ve heard Max Lucado say that his wife prays Psalm 112 over him regularly, so I decided to do the same for my future husband. Here’s an example of how I turn a few of those verses into prayers. (From The Voice translation)

(From verse 1)
I praise You, Eternal God, for how You work in the lives of Your children, including my future husband. I pray that as You teach him how to revere You, he will be blessed. Make him a man who turns from evil and takes great pleasure in Your commandments.

(From verses 4 & 7)
Holy Spirit, when life is dark and difficult, please shine a light and lead him to live rightly, cultivate mercy, compassion and a pursuit for justice in his heart. I pray that You would build his faith; that he will not be afraid when the news is bad because he has resolved to trust in You.

(From verses 8 & 10)
Create a confident and fearless heart in my future husband, Eternal God. Make him Satan’s
worst enemy and give him an expectation to see the Enemy defeated! Strengthen him to resist the devil and his wicked desires. May the demons clench their teeth and dissolve to nothing as they and their evil temptations flee from his life because of the authority he wears in You, Lord!