Plumb – Thankful for a Marriage Miracle

Family Life Radio —  November 25, 2013 — Leave a comment

Tiffany Lee, better known as the popular Christian singer and songwriter Plumb, separated from her husband for six months shortly after Christmas in 2011.

Plumb, 36, thought her marriage to Jeremy Lee of Flatrock Management was bound for divorce until what she characterized was a miracle. She said through prayer and an intentional focus on saving her marriage, the Lord helped her repair, reconcile and make her relationship stronger than ever.

“We separated two days after Christmas in 2011, and we spent almost a total of six months separated and on the verge of divorce,” Plumb told Family Life Radio’s Peter & Shannyn. “You feel like you’re literally losing everything. It was the first time in my life when I felt I was part of a living, breathing miracle.”

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“Certain marriages seem more impossible to fix,” she added, “and I felt like we were in that category. Not only did God fix it, He made it better than it ever has been. When He gave us those little glimpses of hope, it grew exponentially.”

Plumb said she and her husband, who live near Nashville, Tenn., started dating again after six months. They held hands, and their romance bloomed anew.

“A year from that time of holding hands, he asked me to marry him all over again and surprised me with a wedding in the park where we had been engaged,” she said.

Plumb said she found out about the love of God and realized she could trust in His promises.

“I am a new person. I have so much more trust in God,” she said. “My relationship with Him is so much deeper.”

“I think the biggest difference is that I love God more than my husband, and I do not know if I did (previously). I don’t know that I could really say I trusted Him the most until He was all I had.”

Plumb has overcome many challenges in her career and life. She suffered from anxiety attacks when she was a teenager.

Twelve years ago, she considered leaving the music industry until she received a note from a girl that said Plumb’s song “Damaged,” helped the fan cope with child molestation. “Whatever you do, I just want you to never forget that you have changed someone’s life,” the note said.

Plumb has won acclaim across many genres. She said her mission is not to be known as a “Christian band” per se.

“It’s to be a group of five people following the call God has placed on our lives,” she told, “and being faithful to that calling, which is spreading a message of hope to those who do not know it through song.”


Wow I just got chills.  My husband and I are struggling right now and the only thing that has helped this far is God but I am afraid the demons my husband is fighting now are winning and I'm not sure how much longer I can continue.  I know the only hope is in God.  As I was listening to this and she mentioned Oct. 14 (my husband's birthday) and May 16 (our wedding anniversary) I literally got chills on my body because I had just finished praying that God would give me a clear sign that I couldn't mistake of whether or not it was time to go.  Right after that I remembered hearing today on the radio that there was a miracle marriage story on the website and I decided to listen and see what it was about...then I heard the, not one but two dates, that are quite significant in our lives and I truly believe that was the sign I had just prayed for.  I truly pray it is. God Bless Tiffany for sharing...I love her song too.  I hope she knows she is changing lives by sharing her story.