All Praise Show Highlights, Feb 2

Dennis Hutchinson —  February 2, 2014 — Leave a comment
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Verse of the Day

Hope in the Lord & keep his way.  He will exalt you to inherit the land; when the wicked are destroyed, you will see it.” ~ Psalm 37:34

A Year with Aslan from The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe

“Ooh! said Susan, I’d thought he was a man. Is he quite safe? I should feel rather nervous about meeting a lion.”
“That you will, dearie, & make no mistake,” said Mrs. Beaver, “if there’s anyone who can appear before Aslan without their kees knocking, they’re either braver than most or else just silly.”
“The he isn’t safe?” said Lucy.
“Safe?” said Mr. Beaver.  “Who said anything about safe? `Course he isn’t safe.  But he’s good.”


Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip.” ~ Will Rogers

Grace doesn’t make everything right.  Its trick is to show us that it is right for us to live.  That it is truly good, wonderful even, for us to be breathing & feeling at the same time everything around us is wretched.  Grace isn’t a ticket to Fantasy Island. It isn’t a potion to charm life to our liking.  Grace is the amazing power to look reality in the face, see its sad & tragic edges, feel its cruel cuts, join in the chorus against its unfairness, & yet feel that it is good & right for you to be alive on God’s earth.” ~ Lewis Smedes, How Can It Be All Right When Everything Is All Wrong

Sin, in addition to anything else it may be, is always an act of wrong judgment. To commit a sin a man must for the moment believe that things are different from what they really are; he must confound values; he must see the moral universe out of focus; ignore the signs on the highway and drive with his eyes shut.  Sin sees only today, or at most tomorrow; but death and judgment are pushed aside as if they did not exist. The notion that the sinner is the smart fellow will not stand up under scrutiny. & the greater the folly, the greater the fool.” ~ A.W. Tozer, Man: The Dwelling Place of God

God is so pure, matchless, & unique that no one else & nothing else even comes close.  & God will not be diluted, dumbed down or patronized either.  He even rebukes worshipers in Psalm 50 when he says ‘You thought I was altogether like you.’  He is not like us.  He is utterly incomparable.” ~ Matt Redman, Facedown

The Hebrew text reads “Moses died with the Mouth of the Lord.” & the ancient rabbis translated that to mean “with the kiss of the Lord.”  & when I read this, I imagine God stooping over His children, tucking them in, & kissing them goodnight – to awaken in His presence & love.” ~ David Roper, A Heart of Wisdom (regarding Deuteronomy 34)

Beware of any work for God that allows you to avoid concentrating on Him. The boundaries of life, whether mental, moral, or spiritual, are completely free with the freedom God gives His child; that is, a worshiping child, not a wayward one. A worker who lacks this serious concentration on God is apt to become overly burdened by his work. He is a slave.  But once our concentration is on God, all the limits of our life are free & under the control and mastery of God alone. But be careful to remember that you have been freed for only one thing–to be absolutely devoted to your co-Worker.” ~ Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest

God speaks to people who decide they’re going to do what he tells them to do, even before he tells them. It’s saying, “God, if you want me to move, I’ll move. If you want me to get married, I’ll get married. If you want me to leave this job, I’ll leave this job. Before you even tell me, my answer is ‘yes.’ Whatever you want me to do, I will do it.” ~ Pastor Rick Warren, Daily Hope


Psalm 19: 1-4

Proverbs 25:20

Psalm 127:1

Deuteronomy 34

Psalm 30

Matthew 25