All Praise Show Highlights, March 16

Dennis Hutchinson —  March 16, 2014
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Verse of the Day

“…but the meek will inherit the land & enjoy peace & prosperity. ~ Psalm 37:11

Billy Graham

Dr. Billy Graham on our spiritual battle.

The REAL St. Patrick

St. Patrick was not Irish.  History tells us he was most likely from Wales or Scotland.  Taken prisoner when he was 16 years old, God spoke to him in a vision.  He escaped & walked more than 200 miles to the coast, where he got on a passing ship.
When he got back home, God spoke again, this time telling him to return to Ireland as a missionary.  You may have heard that he drove the snakes from Ireland.  That is just legend, but St. Patrick DID help start over 300 churches, baptize more than 120,000 people, & re-evangelize Europe.  In some of his writings, St. Patrick echoed the words of the prophet Hosea, who said…

Those who are not my people I will call my people, & those not beloved I will call my beloved, and in the very place it was said to them, You are not My People, they will be called Sons of God.

A Year with Aslan from The Silver Chair

There are some folks who just tend to look on the down side – even after meeting Jesus. In today’s devotion we meet Puddleglum. Jill & Eustace have just met these strangers who’ve invited them to a place called Harfang. The kids can’t wait to go, but Puddleglum keeps warning them, saying ..

What would you find if you lifted up the visor of their helmet.  How about skeleton, or nothing at all? What if there’s someone invisible?”

The kids ignore him & go on, but that decision doesn’t necessarily lead them to happiness.
Most of us don’t want to be seen as the Puddleglum – but we also must remember that God has allowed all kinds of people into our lives, & there’s something we can learn from all of them.

God’s Children

Two young brothers were signing up for Sunday School one day. The teacher asked the boys their birthdays, & the older one said “Mine is April 8, 1976 – & my brother’s is April 20, 1976.” The teacher said “That’s impossible.” The older one says “No it isn’t.  One of us is adopted.” When the teacher asked which one, the boy said “We asked Dad a while a go, but he just says he loves us both & doesn’t remember which one was adopted.”


The church should be without wrinkle.  To get the wrinkles out of a sack, you fill it – but to get wrinkles out of a rug, you’ve got to lay it down & walk on it.  Sometimes God makes us into his image by filling us up, & sometimes by laying us down & allowing the world to walk on us.” ~ A.W. Tozer, Men Who Met God

Sharing the message is part of our life’s mission.  Just like a soldier is never sent out by himself, God never meant for us to do our mission alone.  In John 13, Jesus tells us our love for each other proves to the world that we’re His disciples.  & Paul tells the Philippian church “I will know you stand firm in 1 Spirit, striving together for the faith of the gospel.” ~ Pastor Rick Warren, Daily Hope

“When God says “Always”, he means “Always.”  In Matthew 6, Jesus says Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?” & he goes on to tell us he will always come through for us, & give us everything we need, if we seek His kingdom first.” ~ Daily Walk Devotion, Intentional Living Center

I can no more understand all the complexities of God than the pancake I made for breakfast can understand me.” ~ Donald Miller, Blue Like Jazz

“If you see only what he’s done for you, your God isn’t big enough.  But when you see him as he really is, experience can come & go & yet you will endure.  You can’t bring your friend to the point of seeing.  God has to do it.  But you have to tell them, even if they don’t believe.” ~ Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest

“Freedom in Christ is the harder way.  It’s relatively easy not to murder, but hard to reach out in love.  Easy to avoid coveting your neighbor’s wife, but hard to keep a marriage alive.  Easy to pay taxes, hard to serve the poor.  When living in freedom, I have to remain open to the Spirit for guidance – not hide behind comparisons with other Christians.” ~ Philip Yancey, What’s So Amazing About Grace?


Matthew 14:22-34

1 John 3

Romans 8:16-17