Sidewalk Prophets

Family Life Radio —  February 3, 2013 — Leave a comment
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Live Like What?

Sidewalk Prophets urge listeners to live their calling in Jesus

“We’re a band of brothers that long to let people know about the faith, hope and love that comes with Jesus Christ.”

Dave Frey and his mates in Sidewalk Prophets certainly have an inspiring and humble attitude toward their music ministry.

“We love music. We’ve been given a gift,” Frey said. “The tools He’s given us…are a pen and paper and our talents as musicians. And how blessed are we that we get to go around and sing about it and listen to people’s hearts. It’s just amazing what we get to do.”

Sidewalk Prophets’ latest release, Live Like That, allows them to help each listener and concertgoer discover the unique purpose God has given him or her.

“When you think of living like Christ, you get a vision in your head of what you’re supposed to do. But that doesn’t mean the person living down the street from you needs to be that as well. They might have a completely different calling,” Frey said.

“My cousin’s out in Papua New Guinea right now serving as a missionary with his wife and child, and I can’t imagine doing something like that, I’m so proud of him. And yet at the same time I have a friend teaching in the public schools, and that’s what Christ has called Him to do.”

“Whatever road we’ve been given; that’s what we need to use as our platform to let people know about Jesus.”

Frey says Live Like That stems from Hebrews 12:1. “I’ve had people in my life, a cloud of witnesses surround me, to show me the characteristics of Christ. I had a teacher in school that was so passionate that I would realize, ‘Man, this was probably the same passion that Jesus had when He taught His disciples.’ He was just in love with His message that He could give it to them in such a powerful way,” he said.

“You never know. The day you don’t feel like going the extra mile or even smiling at someone could change their entire day if you will just take a little bit of time. You’ll be a glimpse of Christ to them.”

Listen to the full interview with Dave Frey and hear about his blog “Hope and Espresso.”