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Gospel of John, Photographed

Author/Photographer David Weaver joined us this morning to discuss his book, The Gospel of John, Photographed.


20 Things 20-Somethings Should Know

This morning we talked about the 20 Things everyone should know how to do by the time they turn 20.  Here’s the list according to Relevant Magazine.

  1. Make a Great Breakfast
  2. Argue Kindly
  3. Hold a Conversation With Someone of Any Age
  4. Parallel Park
  5. Defend Your Media Choices
  6. Limit Your Online Life
  7. Approach a Stranger
  8. Stand Up for Yourself
  9. Say “I Was Wrong”
  10. Brew a Great Cup of Coffee or Tea
  11. Tip Generously
  12. Maintain a Mentor
  13. Bite Your Tongue
  14. Stay Well Rested
  15. Respond to Criticism
  16. Write a Cover Letter
  17. Be Alone
  18. Recommend a Book, Movie or Album
  19. Prioritize the Important Over the Urgent
  20. Hold on to a Good Friend